Who can become a QA Software Testing Professional?

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QA Software testing is about exploring and discovering. A QA Software Test Engineer should be curious to know how things work or how a product behave. Unique skill sets are required by QA Software Test Professional such as a Test to break attitude, quick learning capability, Curiousity, Passionate about work, Good thinking and analyzing skills, Creativity, and ability to be a good Team Player. A Professional from any background can become QA Software Testing professional with basic knowledge of Computers and Microsoft office and enroll himself/herself to a Software testing Training program before attending software testing job interviews.

Some alternative ways to become a QA Software Testing Professional:

Fresh Graduate:  Once you have earned bachelor’s degree in Information science, Computer Science, Human Resource or other disciplines, you can easily become a QA Software Testing professional by enrolling to Software Testing Online Training program. You’ll gain essential IT and testing knowledge and skills you can use immediately to transition into to Quality Analyst / Software Testing Engineer career. Also non engineering background professionals can become a Quality Assurance Professional with a training and understanding of the software testing processes

IT-Support/ Software Programmers :  Many experienced and talented Support/Programming professional who are already having technical knowledge have an advantage to become QA professional by enrolling to testing online Training program and learn the essential skills and Knowledge can be use immediately to transition into to QA Professional. Sound Technical knowledge about products, communication skills, analysis skills can successfully transfer to the duties of a Quality Analyst

NON-IT Professionals:  Professionals from Human Resource or Non-IT background  who possess industry experience and have basic knowledge of computers , quick learning capability, think out of the box skill set , Analysing the problem and finding the solution can enrol themselves to Software Training program and  transition into to Quality Analyst / Software Testing Engineer career

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