Where Can I Download Selenium WebDriver?

Selenium is one of the browser automation libraries that is used in testing some of the web applications. It is generally used in any task that requires the application of automating interaction that happens between the browsers.  The new feature of the Selenium version 2.0 is the application of the Web Driver API. The changes in the Selenium is created to provide the simplest and a more concise type of programming interface that is used in addressing some of the limitations present in the Selenium RC API.

Thus, the development of the Selenium Web Driver paves the way in creating a better support in the dynamic web pages by which the elements of a certain page can be changed even without reloading the page itself. This, in turn, provide an easy and convenient way of changing the web pages. The main goal for the development of the Selenium Web Developer is mainly to supply the needs for a well-designed and object oriented API that helps in providing a support for the advanced web application testing problems.

In addition, this changes in the Selenium have recently provided some relevant impact in the incorporation of the language bindings as well as the implementation of the individual browsing controlling code. The Selenium WebDriver could be run through the use of the Selenium Server. The Selenium 3.X is not capable of working the Selenium RC directly. However, it can run through the emulation of the Web Driver backed at the Selenium.

Creating the right scripts that will interact with the Selenium Server or even the scripts in creating the Selenium Web Driver requires the usage of the language specific client diverse. It is the languages that include both the 2.x and 1.x style clients. Acquiring a Selenium Web Drive is just an easy task. Downloading the Selenium Web driver through a specific link of services can happen in many different ways. The initial things that must be considered before downloading for the Selenium Web Driver are to ensure that there is the presence of the minimum tools and components that will be needed in downloading and installing the latest version of the Selenium.

You need to work for the actual frames which require many components and jar files. In addition, the requisition by means of downloading the Selenium Jar files is required. Furthermore, the Selenium Web Driver provides a direct call for the browser and this can be achieved using the browser’s native support for the automation. The direct calls that are forwarded and the features that they are supporting are all dependent on the browser that is present in the computer.

On the other hand, the Selenium Web Driver do not apply the techniques in injecting the Java Script function within the browser even when the browser has been loaded and are used in the JavaScript to drive the AUT that is present in the browser. Moreover, the Selenium Web Driver pushed or should we say, drive the browser directly in using the built in support of the browser’s automation.

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