What is Meant By Hybrid Framework?

In today’s digital generation, technology continues to evolve which is really helpful to make things easier and simpler. In relation to it, among the most common technology innovations today is designing and implementation of test automation frameworks.

Furthermore, one of the most commonly used in this industry is the hybrid framework. What is exactly the meaning of this framework? Well, the hybrid framework is a more innovative solution to combine two frameworks in order to improve their strengths and reduce or even eliminate their weaknesses. Various frameworks fall into hybrid framework which uses the function decomposition such as data-driven approach as well as modular frameworks.

Designing the Hybrid Framework

Designing the latter framework can be done by simply following the simple steps.

  1. Produce a folder structure
  2. Create and store all automation resources
  3. Organization and managing resources
  4. Integration of the frameworks
  5. Dry run

Benefits of Hybrid Framework

With the use of the hybrid framework, you can now leverage the strengths of the other frameworks and remove their shortcomings to have the best automation. As a matter of fact, many test automation solutions fall in the hybrid framework category.

With the hybrid framework, you can take the positive points of the two frameworks and can have the chance to establish a more customized framework that can perfectly meet your needs and requirements. Meanwhile, in order to identify hybrid frameworks, you must take a closer look on tis components and architecture. To mention a few, you must also know if it uses keywords in an extensive manner, if it takes data from excel sheets, or whether the code was published in a modular format.

Always remember that hybrid frameworks should be more functional as well as data driven approach. It should be designed in a reusable and scalable way. Moreover, the code must be clear and easy to understand. By simply following these useful tips, you can well avoid possible problems that may occur in some future time. As a result, you can attain a high level of happiness and satisfaction with your test automation process.

Hybrid framework can allow you to have an automated email notification that you can use for easy and simple communication process with your specific project. Moreover, you should also group the components of the framework for great organization. To give you some tip, you can create a folder structure to store the test cases, data sheets, function libraries, as well as test results in a more effective way. Hybrid framework is useful enough to complete your project in an efficient way.

The good thing about the hybrid framework is that it can provide you with a very simple implementation. Thus, it is very easy to use, expand and very easy to perpetuate and maintain. It is independent of the test design, technology and platform. In addition to this, the implementation of the latter framework can be very helpful to leverage the speed of the test automation process. Moreover, it is also offers you with practical cost benefits and ROI.

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