What are the common Selenium Interview Questions?

When it comes to testing the frameworks intended for web applications, the software used is called Selenium. There are several people who have questions in mind and most of the questions are the common ones which mean that everyone is asking about it.

As well all know, Selenium is a browser that is used for automation testing and several companies are using this as their tool.

People who are interested in jobs like automation tester or any work related with Selenium will mostly encounter interview questions that will test if they are fit for the job or not. The selenium interview questions are a way for the employer to know if the person is indeed knowledgeable about the automation testing tool.

Here are the common interview questions that you may encounter once you applied for a job associated with selenium.

What is selenium?

This is one of the common questions that you will encounter in every selenium interview. Well, not all people are aware of this tool and if you are applying for a work related to this, then you must know what to answer because if you are not familiar with the tool, then you may not be capable for the job or may tell that you don’t have any experience with the tool itself.

How many and what are the languages supported by Selenium?

The languages supported by selenium is another common question that employers may you or people who are curious about selenium. The tool supports several languages but the major ones are Python, C#, Java, Ruby, and PHP. You can use this as an answer.

In Selenium, what are a page factory and page object model?

Another common question that you may encounter about selenium. Employers/people will test your knowledge about selenium since it tackles different aspects which you should also know.

What are the technical problems that you have encountered with Selenium?

Every interviewer would like to know how you handle issues or problems. In selenium, there are technical problems that may happen and interviewers will ask you about it. Provide the technical problems that you have encountered with the tool and explain briefly how you handled it.

What are the tests that selenium can perform?

Since selenium is used as a tool for automation testing, this will be asked and it is a common question since people would like to know if they can use it either for API testing or unit testing.

Explain briefly the Selenium IDE.

Selenium is a browser used for automation testing and thus, the selenium IDE will be asked. This is a common question that an interviewer may throw at you.

What are the benefits that can be acquired when selenium is used for testing?

The benefits will always be asked and it is a common interview question since the interviewer would like to know if selenium is indeed beneficial when used as a tool for testing.

These are the common questions that you may encounter in a selenium interview. Knowing these, you will be able to find the right answers to the questions and ace the interview with flying colors.

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