Skill sets required to become a QA Software Testing Professional

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Quality Assurance, Quality Control, Process Improvement

    • Here are some required skill sets for a Quality Analyst or Software Tester listed below:
  • Customer’s perspective: Every product is developed for customers, so it is very much important to think from their point of view and prepare your test data accordingly during testing. If one failed to consider from customer perspective then quality of the product may go down because there is a possibility to escape many bugs and the product will be delivered with many bugs. So always put yourself in customer shoe and think what customers are looking for.
  • A test to break approachSoftware testers must have strong desire for quality, which leads to great software testing skills. A QA Software Testing professional plays an important role in deciding the quality of product. It develops ‘test to break’ approach. A test to break approach is required to search run-away defects.
  • Quick Learner: The most important quality that a Quality Analyst or QA Software Tester must have is the ability to adapt and learn quickly. In Software Testing, product or software has to be tested on or with various new technologies and time to learn or master new technologies might be very less. A QA Software testing professional should have a short learning curve and able to pick up new concepts very quickly.
  • Passion for Testing: The key to success is having a true passion about their work. To be a good Quality Assurance Professional, one need to be passionate about what they do and how they do. One should be curious to understand the product that need to be tested. QA Software Testing Professionals must be passionate enough to take the complexities as well as challenges when testing the various products in multiple environment.
  • Good thinking and analyzing skills: It is very important for a good QA software testers to have good analytical skills and thinking power. Because it is easy for any QA Software tester to acquire a product knowledge but strong analysis is very much important before testing a product. So for being a good QA software testing Professional one should have Out of the box thinking. Good Analytical skills will help to break up a complex software system into small chunks to gain a better understanding and help to create corresponding test cases
  • Out of the Box Thinking: A good QA software test engineer should be able to create multiple what if scenarios. She/He should be able to put him/herself in customer’s shoes and apply all the scenarios in testing the application. QA Software Test Engineers should be thinking out of the box during testing.
  • Creativity: QA Software Testing requires a lot of creativity. Bugs are often hidden and just performing the obvious positive tests will have only a few chances to actually find bugs. Hence, the QA Software Testing Professional must use their creativity to figure out all the scenarios that are likely to detect a bug. In other words, the Quality Assurance Professional must be able to “see beyond the obvious”.
  • Team Player: QA Software Testing Professionals should be a good team player as Software Testing team is small division of any large organisation and should be able to work with other stake holders. They should be able to share work load  and help others in team  when someone finds difficulty to understand.

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