QTP/UFT vs Selenium


HP QTP (QuickTest Pro), also known as HPE UFT (Unified Functional Testing), is a Functional automation tool for automating web, mobile & wide range of Technologies, whereas Selenium is Open source suite of tools to automate web applications across different operating system.

Latest versions are UFT 14.0 and Selenium 3.0.

Some key difference between QTP/UFT and Selenium are detailed below:

QTP/UFT Selenium
QTP/UFT is a commercial tool from HPE and you need to have license version of the product to use it. Selenium is an open source tool, which doesn’t require any license
QTP/UFT can be used on web-based applications as well as desktop applications Selenium can only be used on web applications
QTP/UFT  tests can only be developed  and  run in QTP IDE Selenium tests  can be developed and run on different IDEs like Visual Studio, Netbeans, Eclipse, etc.
HP QTP/UFT only supports VB script Selenium supports many programming languages such as JAVA, Perl, Ruby, PHP, C# , JavaScript etc..
HP QTP/UFT comes with built-in object repository. Selenium does not have built-in object repository.
HP QTP/UFT can be integrated with test management tool such as HP Quality Center/ALM seamlessly and also test assets can be stored. Selenium doesn’t support such integration directly but few of the functionalities can be achieved through other open source utilities.
HP QTP/UFT supports all types of dialog box Selenium offers partial support for dialog box
HP QTP/UFT supports various environments like SAP, Oracle, .NET  however, user of HP QTP/UFT need to buy add-on license Selenium supports addition of plug-ins
HP QTP/UFT offers technical support Since Selenium is an open source application it doesn’t offer any support
HP QTP/UFT is user-friendly application and script development is easy Selenium requires sound technical knowledge for script development
HP QTP/UFT support uploading of files from local system Selenium requires creation of custom code to  support uploading of the files from local system
It runs only in Windows operating system Can run on all major operating system
HP QTP/UFT is slow in execution Selenium is faster in respect to QTP/UFT
HP QTP/UFT supports Image based identification, Visual Relation identifiers. Selenium it’s difficult to achieve
HP QTP/UFT supports mobile automation through  HP Mobile Center/ Perfecto Integration Selenium supports mobile through integrations like Appium.

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