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Black Box Testing Vs. White Box Testing

In the area of a product QA testing, there are various methods that can be used to detect if software developed has an error-free code or any other default. Two methods that QA analysts can lay emphasis on are the white box testing and the black box testing. There are key differences between these two […]

What is White Box Testing?

White box testing is a software testing method whereby the internal and coding structures and its workings are tested. It is also known as open box testing, transparent box testing, code-based testing, glass box testing, clear box testing, or structural testing. Unlike the black box testing, it requires the knowledge of a programming language to […]

What is Black Box Testing?

Black box testing is software QA testing technique in which the implementation of the product is tested without knowing its internal structure. It is also known as behavioral testing. It places focus on the output generated by the item without consideration on how it is derived. The knowledge of a programming language is not necessary […]

What Does A QA Analyst Do?

A quality assurance analyst inspects software developed and ensures that it is working according to the company’s standards with no defects. When substandard software is developed, they reject and take note of it to ensure that it does not happen again next time. They curtail any issue that may emanate from a developed product with […]

Quality Assurance Analyst Roles and Responsibilities

A quality assurance analyst is an individual employed by an organization and has a responsibility to ensure that a software developed is functioning properly. They are responsible for ensuring that the software development principles and practices are adhered throughout the development cycle of the software. They are popularly known to continuously improve the software developed […]

Quality Assurance vs Quality Control

Quality Assurance vs. Quality Control

Quality control and quality assurance are two components of quality management. Quality management is the approach adopted by an organization to achieve and sustain long-term excellence and success. It is the steps taken in managing activities and implementation of quality policies, which are determined through means such as quality assurance and quality control. Quality assurance […]

Step by Step Guide to download and install QTP (UFT) version 12

The latest version of the QTP or Quick Test Pro is definitely worth downloading, but you need to make sure that you meet the system requirements. The truth is that they are quite low, but just in case we are going to review them. You need 1 GB of space and a Pentium IV processor […]

Where Can I Download Selenium WebDriver?

Selenium is one of the browser automation libraries that is used in testing some of the web applications. It is generally used in any task that requires the application of automating interaction that happens between the browsers.  The new feature of the Selenium version 2.0 is the application of the Web Driver API. The changes […]

What is Meant By Hybrid Framework?

In today’s digital generation, technology continues to evolve which is really helpful to make things easier and simpler. In relation to it, among the most common technology innovations today is designing and implementation of test automation frameworks. Furthermore, one of the most commonly used in this industry is the hybrid framework. What is exactly the […]

What is Difference between Quality Assurance and Quality Management?

It is very important that an organization agrees on the meanings of Quality Assurance and Quality Management. These two terms form a very integral part of the quality strategic management plan of the organization. The efficiency of delivery teams depend on the differences being well comprehended by all stakeholders and bodies involved since the effective […]

Mobile Testing Best Practice

In this article, we will discuss some best practices to be applied when developing and performing Quality Assurance of Mobile Applications. While many of the same practices of Software Quality Assurance apply to performing Quality Assurance on mobile applications, the reality is that mobile applications are quite different in some critical ways, which requires some […]

ALM and Automation Tool integration using VAPI-XP Test Script

ALM – ‘Application Lifecycle Management’ is test management tool which is widely used for its end-to-end benefits to manage a project, starting from capturing the requirements till project delivery. It’s not limited only to project team; stakeholders can also pull the report out of ALM with ease whether it is Test Coverage report or Test […]

Reviews and Root Cause Analysis

Software Testing is an important phase of SDLC and for the testing team it’s all about testing application/product and find out more defects as early as possible and do not leave anything to Business (UAT) or into the production. The question arises – is ‘finding defects’ to deliver the quality product is a job of […]

QTP/UFT vs Selenium

HP QTP (QuickTest Pro), also known as HPE UFT (Unified Functional Testing), is a Functional automation tool for automating web, mobile & wide range of Technologies, whereas Selenium is Open source suite of tools to automate web applications across different operating system. Latest versions are UFT 14.0 and Selenium 3.0. Some key difference between QTP/UFT […]

How to Install Unified Functional Testing (UFT) on Windows OS?

HP Unified Functional Testing tool comes with a default 60 days of trial/demo version. There are two types of license: Seat license – The license that is particular to the computer on which the tool is installed. Concurrent License – Network based license which can be used by several users at a time. Once the […]

Differences Between Manual and Automation Testing

Testing is an integral part of any successful project. In software testing, there are two main areas to complete the verification of the project. They are Manual Testing and Automated Testing. There is a large overlap between the potentials of manual and automated testing, but neither one can completely replace the other. Manual Software Testing […]

What Are the Requirements for ISTQB Certification?

ISTQB is an abbreviated form of International Software Testing Qualifications Board. It was created for software testers to proof their expertise and skill level. ISTQB allows professionals to different levels of software testing such as ISTQB Foundation Level, ISTQB Advanced Level, ISTQB Expert Level, Module-Based Tester and Security Tester.  Besides these levels of software testing, […]

Agile Interview Questionnaire

Agile software development is a group of software development methods in which requirements and solutions evolve through collaboration between self-organizing, cross-functional teams. It promotes adaptive planning, evolutionary development, early delivery, continuous improvement and encourages rapid and flexible response to change Agile Testing Interview Questions are designed to test your knowledge of agile principles and testing […]

Introduction to Selenium

Introduction to Selenium

Selenium is an open source automation testing tool for web based applications. It’s easy to use and very flexible. Works on multiple browsers and multiple operating systems as compared to other tools in market. It support Android and Iphone Testing. You can use open source frameworks such as Junit, TestNG etc. and can write selenium test cases. Languages supported by Selenium: Java, C#, Ruby, Pyton, PHP Pearl Browsers supported by Selenium: FireFox, […]

Certifications for QA Software Testing

Certifications for QA Software Testing

Let us understand about some of the widely accepted and recognized certifications available for QA Software Testing Certified Software Tester: (CSTE) The Certified Software Tester (CSTE) certification is intended to establish standards for initial qualification and provide direction for the testing function through an aggressive educational program. Acquiring the designation of Certified Software Tester (CSTE) indicates a professional level […]

Who can become a QA Software Testing Professional?

                        QA Software testing is about exploring and discovering. A QA Software Test Engineer should be curious to know how things work or how a product behave. Unique skill sets are required by QA Software Test Professional such as a Test to break attitude, quick […]

Skill sets required to become a QA Software Testing Professional

Here are some required skill sets for a Quality Analyst or Software Tester listed below: Customer’s perspective: Every product is developed for customers, so it is very much important to think from their point of view and prepare your test data accordingly during testing. If one failed to consider from customer perspective then quality of the product […]

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Types of Software Testing

Software testing is a process of executing a program or application or product with the intent of finding the software bugs. It can also be stated as the process of validating and verifying that a software program or application or product meets the business and technical requirements that guided its design and development. Software testing can be further […]

What is Unit Testing?, Quality Assurance, Quality Control, Requirements Documentation, Requirements Analysis, Software Testing

What is Unit Testing?

Unit testing is the testing of an individual unit or group of related units. It falls under the class of white box testing. It is often done by the programmer to test that the unit he/she has implemented is producing expected output against given input. Typically done by the programmer and not by testers, as […]

What is Performance Testing?

Performance testing is the testing to assess the speed and effectiveness of the system and to make sure it is generating results within a specified time as in performance requirements. It falls under the class of black box testing. Performance testing often used interchangeably with ‘stress’ and ‘load’ testing. It intends to determine how a system […]

Quality Assurance, Quality Control, Software Testing

Quality Assurance and Quality Control

Quality Assurance:   The function of Software Quality that assures the Standards, Processes, and Procedures are appropriate for the project and are correctly implemented. QA is the process of managing for quality and evaluated against Correctness, Flexibility, Efficiency, Portability, Reusability and Maintainability Quality Assurance evaluates the processes to produce the products. Identifies weaknesses in processes and […]

Roles and Responsibilities of Software Testing Professionals, Quality Assurance, Software testing

Roles and Responsibilities of Software Testing Professionals

    Generally Roles and Responsibilities of a Testing Engineer may vary, depending upon the working company. Let us see the general and important roles and responsibilities of a Software Testing Engineer. Analyzing the requirements from the Customer Understand Process and Procedure followed in the company Preparation of Test scenarios and Test Cases based on Software Requirement […]

Quality Assurance, What is quality Assurance?

What is Quality Assurance?

  In developing products and services, quality assurance is any systematic process of checking to see whether a product or service being developed is meeting specified requirements. Many companies have a separate department devoted to quality assurance. A quality assurance system is said to increase customer confidence and a company’s credibility, to improve work processes […]