Importance of PMP

Why is PMP® important for a bright Project Management career?

Importance of PMP

In the world of project management, the risks and rewards of success can be huge. The responsibilities in the role are immense, and it can put a lot of extra strain and pressure on your shoulders. One of the most important ways to get yourself ready for the demands and challenges of project management is to invest some time into a PMP® Certification.

While you don’t NEED a PMP® to get into the project management world, the most successful students usually do and, as such, it can become hard to break through the competition that does hold the right records.

In fact, many workplaces now look to make sure you have a PMP® certification before they will take you on. This means that if you are serious about this being your place of work for years to come, that you should almost certainly invest in a PMP® certification. It carries a lot of credibility and at the very least showcases a willingness to learn about major academic requirements and needs.

All of this, when put into the one package, gives you all the help that you could possibly need in understanding why the PMP® isn’t just a recommendation.

PMP® Can Boost Your Employment Prospects

Typically, being able to show that you can handle the usage and challenge of managing a project through a PMP® certification shows you are capable. It’s actually one of the reasons why you might find your salary taking a rather wonderful jump upwards. People want to see that you can do more than just be part of the crowd. A PMP® might be relatively common in all ambitious project managers, but it helps to set you apart from the rest of the chasing pack.

A good PMP® can be bringing in over $100,000 a year – obviously, this is still dependent on your location, your level of experience and (depressingly) gender. Every year, though, more and more people are getting a PMP® so the chances of it making you the outstanding candidate are quite slim.

What it does do, though, is make sure you don’t stand out for being the lone wolf without one. If everyone else has a PMP® and is going for the role, then you stand little to no chance of getting the role without it – unless you can show some kind of unique, outstanding attribute that no other applicant possibly can.

This is a small investment that is well worth the meagre cost of going for. When you get your PMP®, it can be the difference between getting into a role that you truly love and just getting an entry level, fallback position.

While no employment in the project management circuit can be dismissed, you obviously want the best possible role that you can get. If you are serious about making a fledgling career in project management take off, then, you should be clear that investing in a PMP® makes that far more likely.

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