How to Clear PMP Exam

How to clear PMP® in first attempt?

How to Clear PMP ExamAre you about to take your PMP® examination? Well done, you are taking a very intelligent and worthwhile step towards running your own successful project in time. The PMP® is always well-received and people are happy to make time for those who have shown the commitment and effort to learning something so important. However, like driving lessons, many people take the PMP® and fail it.

Given the cost and time commitment that comes with taking your PMP®, you might want to wonder how you can get around that problem. Here are some useful suggestions that could help you take your PMP® and pass it at the first time of asking without any challenges.

Get The Guide

The first thing that you should look to do for sure is sign up to the join the PMI® and get your hands on the PMBOK® Guide. This is a brilliant knowledge base and could be the catalyst to helping you drive yourself on and become a proven success.

Being able to put the time in matters – if you are serious about passing the first time, you need to become thirsty for all the knowledge you can get.

Start Slow

However, the guide above is a great learning plan once you get the basics down which the PMBOK® is very bad at explaining. Instead, invest in a start guide to help you make the right calls and to begin without putting yourself under too much pressure.

This is a great way to make sure your learning never stresses you out to the point of wanting to stop your education.

Do The Tests

Sample tests are equipped with the Head First PMP® book, one of the starter guides we recommend pre-PMBOK®. This comes with fun test and mock exams that you should look to take. Don’t just look at the answers, though: work it for yourself and see where you had gone wrong.

It’s easier to improve and pass first time if you try to learn from your failures and get the concepts instead of just mastering and regurgitating answers. There is nothing more important in your education here than actually getting the project itself. If you are taking on a project management course you need to be ready to face the challenges and actually understand the concepts.

Simply just expecting success is detrimental – learn the concepts, don’t just memorize the answer. Work out why that is the answer and your chances of passing the first time will drastically increase, certainly.


Lastly, have some belief in yourself. If you do the studying and take the time to start slow, grasp concepts one by one and build up a knowledge bank then you are more likely to arrive with the confidence needed to succeed.

If you go in there trying to remember buzzwords and correct phrases rather than the philosophy behind the phrasing, you are leaving yourself open to failure.

Self-belief, a commitment to learning and taking it over time is the key to success in the PMP®. If you truly want to pass the first time, commit to implementing the ideas above.

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