How to Become a Good .Net Developer?

Every company nowadays require .net developers. The main task of a .net developer is to maintain and develop the new web for the company, so as to break the monotony of working on the same web for long. They are the ones who make best use of the web applications and create the web portals for their clients. Here’s about how to become a good .Net developer.

Proper education is mandatory: Proper education here means having a bachelor’s degree in computer science, designing and software programming. Apart from this, having a Microsoft certification is a must as it acts as an icing on the cake. Not just the degree will work, one will also have to possess some of the skills like being good at project management skills, one should have a problem solving attitude and proper dedication towards what you are doing.

Extraordinary skills apart from the basic bachelor’s degree is also must: In any field, it is mandatory for all to possess the qualities like being a good communicator, good performer, deep understanding of the softwares etc. Apart from this, one must also have a creative bent of mind, should be innovative, should know how to work in a team. A good .net developer is expected to have methodological skills so as to solve any sort of problem by using alternative methods.

Undertake some of the tasks like: A .net developer is expected to undertake certain tasks like consulting with clients, building applications according to client’s specifications, evaluating performance of various applications, reporting the changes and specifications of an application, implementing and testing the software solutions, meeting clients face to face to finalize the deals and so on.

Good communication skills required: A .net developer must have good communication skills. He or she must be fluent in his or her language. This is required because .net developers are required to communicate with the clients and if they will have weak skills, maybe the message gets misunderstood. So in order to avoid any sort of confusion, working on communication skills is vital.

Basic knowledge of programming language: If the foundation is strong, everything ahead will go smoothly. So, one must have a good understanding of the basic programming languages. The basic programming languages are used everywhere, so be prepared beforehand and before entering the field for the job, make yourself sure that you have good knowledge of different languages.

Visible studio space room IDE: All the .net developers work in Microsoft visual studio space, but many of them do not work with the latest versions. So, one must have knowledge of the latest versions too. This is because if any new operating system or any web browser is released, they should know how to use and create new applications, making use of the new versions.

Keeping updated: Every now and then the technology changes and also the change in softwares arrive. In order to effectively deal with the new challenges, one will have to keep himself or herself updated with the changes.

Be your own critic: Analyze and review your own code, before it is done by someone else. While breaking your own code, be very careful and unbiased and also never hesitate to consider others views about your codes.

Be regular at reading documentation: Reading the documentation on a regular basis will make you a good .net developer. Also, it forms to be an important habit for becoming an expert at .net developing.

Learn to analyze your problems: Try and spend more time in analyzing your problems because if you will analyze it, you will be able to fix it fast without wasting any time. Designing not always means making use of the tools and different languages, but being simple is also appreciated.

Learn about the web technology: The growth of the world wide web is still accelerating. According to the survey, there are approximately about 2.4 billion people who have an access to the internet. So, in order to move ahead of others, one must have a website which provides services. Apart from the ASP.NET, one must also know about knockout/ angular JS, JQuery, Javascript and HTML 5 / CSS 3.

So, above are some of the vital things required to become a good .Net Developer. This field of .net developing is growing with a passage of time. This is because every company, business, whether it is small scale or large scale, requires good web and .net developers so as to enhance their goodwill among their customers and also to increase their customers. Before entering this field, one should have training under some expert .net developer and learn all the vital skills and knowledge required. Apart from having a degree, one must also have good practical experience so as to give a stiff competition to the competitors. Go ahead and work hard so as to get the best for yourself.


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