10 .NET Developers to Follow Online

Microsoft-StackHere I have gathered top 10 highly regarded .NET professionals. By following these Microsoft .NET developers you can learn a lot from their experience. If you find someone missing from this list then feel free to add their name in the comment section.




  1. Scott Allen: Scott Allen is CTO of Medisolv and founder of ‘Ode to Code’. Scott Allen is a famous .NET speaker, writer, and teacher.
  2. Iris Classon: He has been working on some of the pioneering concepts of .NET in Telerik. He is one of the members of Microsoft Extended Experts Team (MEET).
  3. Scott Guthrie: Along with Mark Anders, Scott Guthrie had created ASP.NET. He has been handling various .NET development teams in Microsoft including ASP.NET, IIS, WPF, CLR, Media Server, Silverlight, and the Visual Studio Tools.
  4. David Ebbo: David Ebbo is Microsoft developer lead at Microsoft Corp. He has been working on Windows Azure Web websites, with the main focus on Project Kudu.
  5. Anders Hejisberg: He is the lead architect of C# and core programmer on TypeScript. He is also co-author of “The C# Programming Language”.
  6. Damian Edwards: Damian is Microsoft ASP.NET program manager at Microsoft. He is the developer of SignalR and Web Forms MVP.
  7. Damien Guard: Damien Guard is currently Chief Technology Officer at Attack Pattern.  He has previously worked at Netflix on Windows phone and Silverlight, LINQ to SQL, Microsoft Corp. on Xbox.com, Entity Framework and CodeFirst.
  8. Phil Haack: Phil Haack is vice-president at GitHub for product development. Earlier he was senior program manager on the .NET team at Microsoft Corp.
  9. Corey Haines: Corey Haines is the co-founder of Code Retreat, and programmer on Slottd.com and MercuryApp.
  10. Scott Hanselman: He is co-author of well-known .Net book– Professional ASP.NET 2.0.

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