What is the best way to learn Java from scratch?

For anyone who is serious about knowing how to learn Java, the sheer variety of options can be dizzying. As one of the most reliable and lucrative coding languages to learn, though, being able to learn Java from scratch is a wonderful career choice.

So long as you are willing to put in the effort to start learning, and you accept that this will be a challenging path fraught with difficulty, you can get a great deal out of choosing to learn Java from scratch.

It’s a wonderfully enjoyable point of education, and can often play a critical role in you overall growth and development as a professional. However, the path to being able to learn Java programming from scratch is a hard one to choose. From self-education to webinars and coding academies such as MindsMapped, you have a variety of options to look at and pick from.

Of course, most people are happy to go down the further education route and go to college to do this. While always a good way to learn anything, we suggest it’s not the best route.


  • For one, Java is constantly evolving. To learn Java from scratch in an educational academy, by the time you leave the institution the information you learn could be outdated!
  • Courses often are hard to fit into a full-time work lifestyle, making it hard to find a worthwhile course you can actually attend.
  • The cost involved to learn in this manner is often multiples higher than it could be if you were to go down a different avenue to learn Java.
  • With the cost and time being a major factor, so too is the lack of personal coaching. If you learn Java in a college class, you are reliant on the lecturer/tutor being able to help coach everyone.

Learn Java from Scratch: The Best Route to Success

Depending on who you listen to and how determined you are, you could learn Java in just under three weeks. It all depends on the time and willingness to commit to said time. With various Java coding schools out there as well as an interesting blog series from the likes of MindsMapped, it’s easy to see how learning Java could be possible if you are ready to commit.

It’s got a very English-inspired syntax, so Java is less of a complicated pathway to success than some other coding languages. One can easily begin to learn the basics of Java themselves through articles like the above, as well as through online courses such as the ones provided above.

To really get good with Java from scratch, though, you should look to either hire a tutor or use a coding academy to learn, such as MindsMapped itself. Learning Java is made much easier if you pick the right kind of tuition or course.

Best of all, this provides a more one-to-one option that you can take at your own pace. So, if you have lots of time you can learn much faster. It’s built around your own lifestyle, too, and is often all done offline.

If going to a physical college course to learn Java does not appeal to you, consider taking an online course or following a series of webinars; it’s the fastest way to get a good grasp of Java in a space of weeks, not months.

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