What is JDBC?

If you have been learning Java, the question, “What is JDBC?” might have come to mind at some point. To put it shortly, JDBC is Java Database Connectivity; though that does not tell you much about what it is or does. Simply, it is an application for communicating with databases. As the name suggests, it connects you with databases through Java, using SQL. You give it a command and it responds, taking information directly from the database. It can search an entire database in little time, even remote databases, and give you the information that you need. It is the fastest, most effective way to go through database information.

Giving Your Information

When using a Java-written program, you may, at some point, have to use a database. Databases can offer a wide range of information that you do not have available to you, giving you added benefits and options. Accessing these databases through Java alone is not doable, so you are going to need to build a connection. That connection comes in the form of JDBC. It is there to connect your Java program to a database. Using SQL commands, you can give JDBC your information and wait for a response in return.

While you may need to do a little extra at times, JDBC can access databases of all types on all types of machines. You will have access to modern databases alongside databases from outdated computers. It has the ability to communicate with drivers and bridges, giving you access to numerous databases.

Getting Your Response

When you send your request using SQL, it will deliver that to the database. Once there, your request will go into action. It will process your request and respond. You will get the information that you need somewhat quickly and it will help you to collect any information you need from databases. It is quick, simple, and effective.

You can do this with any database. Since JDBC is standard, you should have no trouble access the database and receiving a response.

JDBC is commonplace in Java. Again, it is standard. It is something you will see often and it is your way of access databases of all types. If you must request information from a database, you are going to use JDBC to do it. This is true of nearly every Java program and nearly every database. This is your connection to the information around the world.

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