If you are currently doing wonders with Java language technology and are capable to create/develop web pages using Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML), then web development should be the next target. Being able to design, understand the server, program and to launch the web applications on the server is an unparalleled accomplishment for any web designer.

An Oracle Certified Web Development is a comprehensive certification program, which prepares you to take up the challenges of a web development role in IT. It is designed to strengthen your expertise and experience.

Java Server Pages or JSP and Servlets are the stepping stones of web-tier software/applications on a Java programming platform and enterprise edition (JEE). The web components with Java Enterprise Edition 6 assists you to create web application in a very short span of time. Topics that are covered in OCWD certification program are, Java Server Pages, developing JSPs, usage of MVC design, Java Servlets, container facilities for servlets, utilizing custom tags, and the Java servlet environment.

Preparing for an Oracle Certification Exam will judge & challenge your ability to perform and think. Earning a highly-valued and recognized Oracle Certification will improve your job prospects and job stability.  It also equips you with these in-demand skills, making you a more marketable candidate. Oracle web development certification gives required boost to your career. The skills and knowledge you gain by becoming certified will give you greater job security and expanded confidence. Your increased skill set will also help to unlock potential opportunities. Certification exams broaden your knowledge by exposing you to a wide variety of essential functions, features & tasks.

Enhance your confidence with an Oracle certification in this competitive world. Because getting an ideal job is every IT professional’s goal. Increase your chances of getting the supreme job with an Oracle certification which gives you a unique edge over others. The certification enriches your resume and increases your chances of being spotted by companies. It makes clear that you are thorough about the technical skills and knowledge which are most relevant in the industry today.

We at MindsMapped offer the deserved stage for students to successfully obtain the certification in web development. An OCWD certification program not only widens your views in the field of technical nuances but also provides exposure to a wide array of important database features, functions, and tasks.

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