Oracle Certification Program (OCP)

Oracle has been providing online certification on different technologies and applications over the past several years. By getting certified from Oracle you can showcase your knowledge and capability to hiring managers and higher management professionals.

Credentials are given to examinee based on several parameters including passing exams, marks based on assignments, which is dependent on the different level of certification exams. Oracle certifications are considered as benchmarks of working experience and expertise of the respective technology or application that helps any professional to stand out in a crowd.

Oracle offers 5 level of certifications:

  1. Oracle Certified Associate (OCA)
  2. Oracle Certified Professional (OCP)
  3. Oracle Certified Master (OCM)
  4. Oracle Certified Expert (OCE)
  5. Oracle Certified Specialist (OCS)

What is OCP?

The Oracle Certified Professional or most commonly known as OCP credential is built upon the fundamental knowledge or skills established by the OCA. The OCP has a firm grasp of an Oracle technology and proves a high level of knowledge and technical skills. Hiring and IT managers usually ask for the OCP certification for evaluating the qualifications of job aspirant or current employees.

What are Benefits of Getting OCP Certified?

Competitive Advantage: The process of becoming Oracle certified professional will make you a better skilled and vibrant in the chosen technology. The knowledge you gain through Oracle training and practice tests will increase your skill set and improve your credibility when attending interviewing for various job positions.

Career Growth: As per oracle survey 97 percent of the Global Fortune 500 companies are using Oracle software. These multinational companies require skilled professionals to develop and maintain critical systems. Getting an Oracle certification enables you with the required skills, henceforth making you a more sought-after candidate.

Salary Advancement: Most of the IT companies give more preference to candidates who are certified. As per a survey conducted by Oracle in 2012, more than 80% of Oracle Certified professionals reported promotion, increase in compensation or other advantageous after getting OCP certified.

Opportunity and Credibility: The knowledge and skills that you achieve by becoming OCP certified will help you to gain more confidence and increased career opportunity.

Requirements for OCP certification exam

OCP is offered by Oracle University for various Oracle services and products. An IT professional can choose a certain certification exam that he or she wishes to get. After selecting the product or technology he must follow requirement for chosen subject. Requirements for OCP may include getting certified from Pearson VUE, completing the training program, or submitting a course verification form on Oracle portal.

Where to Find Study Material for OCP?

Most of the study materials for OCP certification can be collected from Oracle website itself. However, majority of study materials are available in premium version only. You need to become a premium member in order to access those study materials.

You can get course detail of the chosen technology or product and prepare on your own or get help from various other sources that available online or offline.

Where can one take these exams?

Oracle certification exam can be undertaken on authorized Pearson VUE testing centers around the globe. You can check nearest authorized Pearson VUE testing center online.

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