Java vs. Other Programming Languages

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Java vs. Other Programming Languages: 

Java is one of the most popular programming language and is used to create web applications, customized software and web portals, including E-commerce and M-commerce Solutions.


Java was basically derived from C++. C++ was designed mainly for systems programming and extending the C programming language but Java was created initially to support network computing. Though Java is slower than C++. Compare the libraries of two languages, C++ standard libraries are simple and robust, providing containers and associative arrays but Java has a powerful cross-platform library.


Java and Ruby are object-oriented languages and are strongly typed.  Java code is first translated into virtual machine code which runs faster than Ruby’s interpreted code. Ruby will take fewer lines of code as compared to Java.  High traffic sites use Java rather than Ruby. A few years back, Twitter migrated to Java and Scala from Ruby. JRuby, basically written in Java is an implementation of the Ruby programming language atop the Java Virtual Machine.


Python is a  fully supports object-oriented programming. Java is not a pure object-oriented language. Python is connects system components, whereas Java is characterized as a low-level implementation language. Java runs fast as compared to Python. Python programs are shorter as compared to Java programs.


PHP is a server side scripting language whereas Java is a general purpose language. PHP is a weakly typed language whereas Java is a strongly typed language. A major difference between the two is that in PHP, the JVM is restarted after every request; this can result in extra performance problems.


If security or performance is being considered then both languages receive a similar score. Java is a platform-independent language. C# is not quite platform independent as it can run on Windows and Mac OS-X but not Linux.


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