J2EE Standard Tools

wtplogosmallJ2EE Standard Tools

J2EE Standard Tools will provide plug-ins for the development of J2EE Applications and support development, testing and debugging with a wide range of J2EE servers.

The tools for J2EE will include:

  • Server Tooling
  • More than starting a VM
    • Complex environmental setup and classloader models
    • In process, local and remote development scenarios
    • Must support all J2EE compliant servers
      • Exceptions managed with extensions
    • Launchers – Run, Debug, Profile, Stop and Restart…
    • Configuration wizards and editors, starting, debugging,stopping and restarting applications servers
  • Tools for J2EE Modules
      • Web Apps, EJB, ¬†Enterprise applications
    • Create modules
      • Wizards – Imports
    • Build modules
    • Validate modules
    • Edit modules
      • Deployment descriptors
      • Package contents
    • Aggregate modules (ears)
    • Server deployment support
  • Editors for J2EE Components
    • JSP
      • Standard editor capabilities (coloring, code assist, refactoring, formatting)
      • JSR-45 Debugging
      • Content based selection
      • Hybrid editing
      • Build Participation
    • EJB Tools
      • Annotation based code generation
      • Wizards
      • Validation
    • Java Web Services
      • Axis Adapter
  • Tools for Navigation
    • J2EE Perspective(s)
    • Module Views
    • J2EE Structures
    • Servers
  • Tools to Improve the J2EE Development Process
    • ¬†Testing Tools
      • Unit and Integration Testing
    • Performance Tools
      • Profiling
      • Load and Stress Testing


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