Advanced Java (J2EE)

What is Advanced Java (J2EE)?

  • Advanced Java is the next advanced level concept of Java programming.
  • This high-level java programming basically uses two Tier Architecture i.e Client and Server.
  • The ‘Advanced Java’ comprises the very complex advanced programming.
  • The advanced java programming covers the Swings, Socket Programming, AWT, Thread Concepts as well as the Collection objects and classes.
  • “Advanced Java” is nothing but specialization in domains such as web, networking, database handling.most of the packages “Advanced Java” are always start with ‘javax.servlet..’
  • All the event handling mechanism of Java comes into the Advanced Java programming.
  • Advanced Java is used for developing the web-based application and enterprise application.
  • Advanced Java is specialization in some domain, as someone in networking,web,DCOM,or database handling.
  • Advanced Java has a complete solution for dynamic processes which has many frameworks design patterns servers mainly JSP.
  • Advanced Java means java application that runs on servers means these are the web application.

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