What is HMI?

What is HMI in Control Systems? Before we look at the answer to this question, let us first give a look at  the whole concept of men and machines.

The last few decades have seen high speed technological advancements and automation. In industrial automation, HMI or Human-Machine Interface is amongst the hottest topics today. For this reason, it is imperative that all of us know what HMI is in the context of control systems.

Coexistence of humans and machines

Human beings and machines have co-existed for a long time now. Both have been evolving at a fast pace. It appears now that both humans and machines are soon going to merge. Companies engaged in industrial automation have been working hard to have the best possible platform so that the two come closer quickly in a smooth way.

Control Systems

A system which manages, directs, commands or regulates how the other devices or systems behave is called a control system. Simple illustration is a home heating controller with a thermostat which controls a domestic boiler. On the other hand, large control systems are used in industries for controlling multiple processes or machines.

What is HMI in Control Systems?

HMI or Human-Machine Interface is a software application or user interface that enables communication of the state of a process to an operator and implementation of the operator’s control instructions by the industrial system. Typically, such information is displayed in a graphical format.

In simple terms, HMI or Human-Machine Interface in a control system is a software or a device that allows human beings or its users to communicate with various machines and productions plants in the system. It does so by converting huge amounts of complex data into accessible information. The operator thus has all the requisite tools to control the production processes.

The HMI provides Visual display of the process in Graphic / Digital / Animated form to give operators a clear and Real Time view of the process and Enables them to Issue commands / Load Set points / Modify sequences for controlling the process as required.

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