What are the Information Required for starting a Control System Project?

The major projects are based on the competitive analysis, execution planning and definition performed during the FEED stage. The FEED is the most critical stage where it will influence the design at an almost low cost. The approach is that open scope and planning output can be finalized after project approval. However, without the appropriate scope definition, the approval estimates will not carry the level of assurance needed at this stage.

Process Before Starting a Control System Project

FEE(Front-end engineering) is the first step of engineering which comes after the theoretical design.  FEE design target in technical requirements and rough investment cost for the project. The FEE can be divided into different packages covering different parts of the project. The FEE is used as the basis for constructing the Execution Phase Contracts (EPC, EPCI, etc) and is used as the design basis.

The information required for starting a control system project with PLC will get from the datasheet of the hardware manufactures. Every manufacturer provides their data sheet with the hardware part. In the process of commissioning the technician should refer the data sheet and according to it they start panel wiring. The commissioning includes mainly four steps, they are Checking the hardware, Transferring and testing the software, Optimization of the software, Commissioning of the entire system.

Each switch, button, and a sensor is connected to an individual input card of a PLC and each actuator is connected to an output. During engineering process wires and addresses of the PLC must not be mixed up. Also, the sensors and actuator should be checked. Before installing the device, the following conditions of the panel should be monitored some qualities Preventing excessive heat (0–60?) Grounding guidelines. Power Considerations. Safety considerations.

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