Top 5 PLC Programming Software

Most electrochemical processes are now automated with the use of digital computers or commonly known as Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). An example of this process includes automatic control for machinery that are installed on the light fixtures, amusement rides, factory assembly line and many more.

PLC was designed for bearing different outputs and input activities, wide range of the change in temperatures, protects from vibration and electrical noise, together with their impacts. Battery memory back- up is its storage point for programs that are used in controlling machine’s operation. PLC is also a kind of a hard and real- time systems. It is due to the outputs that are produced is done and owing with the different inputs which are receive by the computers. It is also important the outputs are generated in a specific time that is usually shorter. If it will not be done and its output’s generation exceeds on the appointed time, then your favorable result may not be produced that leads to the malfunction of machine operation.

If you will consider trusting online sources, almost 80% of controllers are being sold by top 7 companies in the world, where each company’s contribution may include:

  • Siemens are having the largest share of contribution with almost 30.7% in the world’s market.
  • The second top contribution is from the Rockwell Automation that have 21.6% shares.
  • Mitsubishi comes in the third rank that contributes 13.9% of total score.
  • The 8.9% of shares is belong to the Schneider Electric company.
  • The fifth rank belongs to the Omron which provides 6.6% of controllers on the market.

There are some companies that have an application for different industries together with the negative and positive factors that are accumulated in the following lists:

  • Siemens AG are providing PLC to Petro- chemical, chemical, BMS, FPSO, and Off- shore industry. It can be easier to recognize since PLC process inputs has a faster response time. The negative side of its front is when the functioning and one of the component fails acting correctly, then system may become unavailable because the machine stops its functioning that may also leads to other issues.
  • Moore Process Automation is also a company that reaches to chemical, FPSO and Off- shore industries. Their PLC is considered as a fully structuralized program software together with facilities that manually selects output and requiring to shut down. But the the drawback is not favorable for safety process critical circuits that can be a huge problem.
  • HIMA is a company that deals with PLC as well as attracting decent market. They have market in Petro- chemical, Chemical, BMS, and Off- shore businesses. HIMA’s goal is to help customers solving their problems by a fast response. With this, they attracted many customers across the globe. Another advantage or working in HIMA is that customers are getting options to get PLC configured as the demand proves to be cheaper compare to others. The thing that holds company’s back is its dependent to other powerful and bigger companies for discounts and financing when their consideration is on the big projects.

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