Basics of ESD Process Control

The basic principle of the ESD process control is grounding conductors, and that includes people at the ESD protected workstation. Wrist strap is the very first line about the defense contrary to ESD. Also, the most typical personnel ground device that has been utilized, and is needed to be utilized if the operators are sitting. Electrostatic Discharge, ESD is the truth of life which should be accounted enough for at any environments in which, the electronic equipment and assembly are being manufactured, serviced and repaired. While, it’s possible putting lots of measures in areas to fight ESD, that could just be successful when the complete ESD program or control process is being placed.

The ESD control process will address every area of ESD that is relevant to a particular area. In that way, an ESCD control program would address every relevant issue. In terms of the significance of ESD control process in these days electronic arena, it’s imperative in which organizations that are dealing with the electronic equipment are developing the ESD control process or ESD program to address every problem in a more efficient manner. In addition to that, it’s possible enough to release ESD program in such manner that every individual in a relevant location is adhering to the procedures and the standards. Only in that way would the ESD program or control process mechanism works effectively.

As it has been prepared and organized by industry expert, it offers the authoritative views in setting-up & maintaining the ESD program or control process.

ESD Program Fundamentals

To set the ESD program in place, it’s very vital, to begin with, the basic requirements needed. This needs to be determined as the basic requirements; however, additionally, the ESD program or control process must be tailored in-order-to suit individuals’ area where it would be implemented. But, these are the key elements at any ESD program or control process:

  • Signs & notices – EPA must be highlighted well with signs in-order-to let individuals know that they’re entering the ESD protected areas. Also, it acts as the constant reminders regarding conforming to ESD protective measure.
  • ESD protected areas – Another key element is to establish ESD, EPA protected areas.
  • ESD training – The ESD trainings are further key points. Every staff should be trained well to let them know and better understand what an ESD is. Also, it is very important how the ESD program could be combated & how the tools and equipment at the EPA would be utilized. Every staff who’s likely to utilize the EPA should be totally trained & has learned the process.

If your considering to set-up ESD program or control process, it’s important to consult first the ESD or ANSI S20.20 standard, which is internationally been recognized or has been improved by the American National Standard Institute or ANSI and ESD Association. This standard covers every requirement that is necessary to establish, implement, design and maintain the ESD program or control process. It’s being aimed in organizations that process, manufacture, repair, test, and carry-out activities with electronic equipment.

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