Who is DevOps Engineer?

Who is DevOps Engineer?

In the past few years need for professionals with DevOps skills is increasing rapidly because businesses establishments get outstanding results from DevOps. Companies who keep DevOps are overwhelmingly high-functioning: They implement code up to 30 times faster than their competitors, and 50 % fewer of their deployment projects fail, (according to online survey).

What are DevOps skills?

The top three skills of DevOps Engineer are:

  • Scripting or Coding
  • Process re-engineering
  • Collaborating and communicating with others

What is a DevOps engineer, anyway?

DevOps engineers are an elite group of professionals, that’s the reason why we find a smaller number of companies creating that job title. DevOps engineer summarizes depth of knowledge and years of hands-on experience.

Roles and Responsibilities of DevOps Engineer:

  • Should know how to use different open source technologies and tools
  • Should know how to code and script
  • Should have experience with systems and operations
  • Should be comfortable with frequent, incremental code testing, and deployment
  • Should have strong grasp of automation tools
  • Should have some data management skills
  • Should having a strong focus on business outcomes
  • Should comfort with collaboration, reaching across functional borders and open communication

Keep in mind that DevOps Engineering is less about doing things in a particular way, and more about steering the business forward and providing it a stronger technological advantage.

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