What is DevOps Testing?

Speed and Quality both are equally significant in today’s world for businesses to remain successful. To assure speed and quality, leading organizations leverage the growing synergy between operations teams and development teams through an integrated DevOps model. The acceptance of a DevOps culture and the utilities and practices that consist of DevOps is being driven by the requirement for continuous delivery and collaboration.

Some of the key DevOps include:

  • The increasing requirement to develop or deploy cloud-based software’s
  • A greater requirement for simultaneous deployment across various platforms
  • Business pressures to launch apps more rapidly into production
  • The requirement for better collaboration among development and operations teams
  • An increasingly complex infrastructure which is part virtualized, part physical, and part cloud

DevOps has assisted clients achieve Quality benefits by delivering services including:

  • Automatic and continuous monitoring of Quality
  • Automatic provisioning of virtualized test environments
  • Standardized templates, processes, guidelines and checklists for DevOps
  • Integration deployment, build, end-to-end test automation, and reporting

Regular testing acts as the important driver for DevOps initiatives to give desired outcomes. This requires specialists who understand continuous testing through effective and efficient end-to-end automation resulting in Quality Speed.

Whether an organization is using a behavior based test creation, test driven development methodology, model-based testing or any other method, application testing is an important part of the overall DevOps process. It not only helps to verify code changes and integration of the code — but also help to ensure that changes don’t jeopardize the product. So evidently testing is still an integral part of product creation and delivery.

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