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Who is DevOps Engineer?

Who is DevOps Engineer? In the past few years need for professionals with DevOps skills is increasing rapidly because businesses establishments get outstanding results from DevOps. Companies who keep DevOps are overwhelmingly high-functioning: They implement code up to 30 times faster than their competitors, and 50 % fewer of their deployment projects fail, (according to […]

What is DevOps Testing?

Speed and Quality both are equally significant in today’s world for businesses to remain successful. To assure speed and quality, leading organizations leverage the growing synergy between operations teams and development teams through an integrated DevOps model. The acceptance of a DevOps culture and the utilities and practices that consist of DevOps is being driven […]

What are the Best DevOps Tools?

Here is a list of tools that help DevOps engineer to perform various tasks. These tools assist in performing numerous tasks including developing, testing, and releasing software. 1. Nagios (& Icinga) Nagios is a veteran monitoring solution which is highly efficient and effective because of the large community of contributors who develop plugins for the application. […]

Introduction to DevOps

DevOps is a culture or practice that give emphasis to the collaboration and communication between software developers and other professionals from information-technology (IT) while automating the process of application delivery and changes in infrastructure. It targets at starting a culture and environment where developing, testing, and releasing software can happen fast, repeatedly, and more reliably. Since […]