PMI-PBA Training

What is PMI-PBA?

PMI-PBA TrainingThe PMI-PBA is a professional certification designated for project managers and business analysts with at least 7500 hours of business analysis experience during the last 10 years.

Importance of PMI-PBA

The PMI-PBA carries a high level of professional credibility as it takes notice of individual’s capacity in the area of business analysis and project management. It also takes cognizance of the tools and methods used to improve and achieve the overall success of a project. The PMI-PBA certification shows that an individual is now a certified project manager and business analyst.

Requirements to write PMI-PBI

To write the PMI-PBA certification examination you must meet certain requirements such as:

  • You have to possess a bachelor’s degree/higher degree or at least a secondary degree (high school diploma)
  • You must have 7,500 hours of general project experience that is 5 years working as a practitioner of business analysis if you are a high school diploma holder. If you are a Bachelor’s degree holder you must have a 4500 which is 3 years experience as the practitioner of business analysis.
  • As a high school diploma holder, you must have undergone 2000 hours working on project teams, this project experience can be inclusive of the 7500 hours of business analysis experience listed above. This particular experience must have been earned in the last eight years. As a Bachelor of Arts degree holder, you should also have a 2000 working experience working on project teams. This can be inclusive in the 4500 hours of business analysis list.

How to prepare for PMI-PBA

If you are planning to sit for a PMI-PBA examination, there are certain steps you should adhere to help you achieve success.

Get the PMI-PBA handbooks: The handbook gives you the details of the exam process and procedures. It also covers on how to make application (online application), how to make payment and the exam blueprint as we have already discussed

Get PMI-PBA books: PMI-PBA examination book has different publication for examines to study. A list of reference material is provided that the examines can get and study. Get the required handbooks outlined for the examination. It will be beneficial that you get them on time as to start early preparation. Ensure that the book you are purchasing covers all the course outline provided.

Develop a study plan/schedule:   create a study plan as this will enable you to study the books. It should be compatible with other responsibilities that you are engaged to. Depending on your commitments you may create more or less time for your studies. Make sure the goals you set are realistic. After you have drafted a study plan, go through each handbook and make a thorough review of its contents.

Review exam sample questions: you should include in your study plan the answering of sample exam questions. This would help you to test your knowledge and how far you have gone in reading and studying the PMI-PBA books. This would also aid to prepare you on what to meet during the examination.

You are guaranteed of a certification after passing the PMI-PBA exam. You will be referred to as or refer yourself as a PMI-PBA certificate holder as long as you have an active certification status. Therefore you are now authorized to use PMI-PBA designation in block letters after your name on business cards, personal letterhead or anywhere you deem necessary.

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