What is Mind Map?

Mind map is a diagram generally used for organizing information visually. A mind map is hierarchical and depicts relationships among other pieces of the system. It is developed around a single concept, drawn as a picture in a blank page, to which related representations of subjects such as images, and phrases. Key topics are directly connected to the central topic, and other topics branch out from those. Topics or ideas that are farthest are less important and the ideas that closest to the central idea is most important.

Mind Map have multiple applications both in the education sector, where they are utilized as an aid for studying and learning, and in the business sector, to help problem solving, critical thinking, and important decision making.

Guidelines suggested by Buzan for Creating Mind Map Image:

  • Begin the image at the center with at least 3 colors.
  • Use images, codes, symbols, and dimensions in mind map image.
  • Choose key words and print using upper/lower case characters.
  • All word or image should be separate and must be in one line.
  • All lines should be connected, beginning from the central image.
  • The connecting lines become slimmer as they move out from the center.
  • Create the lines of the same length as the word or image they support.
  • Make use of multiple colors throughout the mind map image, for visual stimulation.
  • Create your own style of mind mapping.

Benefits of Mind Map:


  • It is easy to make
  • It is easy to filter
  • When required it can be expanded


  • Anyone can easily remember the graph
  • It is easy to overview
  • It showcases links and relationships between ideas


  • Assists in showcasing imagination on paper
  • Encourages to create
  • Helps in improving productivity of the system


  • Helps in creating team spirit
  • Encourage communication group
  • Helps in optimization of work processes

Some of the application for creating Mind Map image are:

  • Mindjet
  • XMind
  • Coogle
  • Freemind
  • MindNode
  • MindMapple
  • NovaMind
  • Blumind
  • Sketchboard
  • WiseMapping

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