Business Analysis Training

What is a Business Analyst?

Business Analysis TrainingBusiness Analyst is a job profile often related to the IT sector. However, this is not the case. He is an analyst who has a refined understanding of ‘business’ rather than those understanding the IT sector. Every firm has its own ideas of skills, roles, expectations, as well as responsibilities. In layman language, we can say that a Business Analyst is one who analyses the changes required in a business, while determining the requirements needed for the changes, and then communicates these changes to the team which is responsible for performing the next step.

Required qualifications

As such there are no particular requisites for being a Business Analyst. Even a Bachelor’s degree can make you eligible for entry level position of a Business Analyst. However, a degree in Business administration can be an added advantage. An IT background is also beneficial in certain areas.

How to become a Business Analyst

There is not a definite way to take on the role of a Business Analyst. Usually, these individuals come from a technical background. In fact, one can find many developers and programmers who have been promoted to this position. One can even find people coming from business background who have shifted to the IT sector taking up the role of a Business Analyst.

However, if you are working in a technical role and want to move to the Business Analyst role, then you need to work on your communication skills. The main responsibilities of the role include listening, speaking, and then asking questions in a formal way to the client to get the project completed.

Moreover, you need to increase your knowledge about the systems of the firm you are working with. Next step remains to speak to your manager to take over the role of a Business Analyst in your company.

Be confident and you would be given the opportunity to take over the role of a Business Analyst.

In any sector, a Business Analyst is required to hold formal meetings as well as informal meetings with the stakeholders, go through the documentation, attend workshops related to the project, and then demonstrate the results with softwares existing in the firm.

The scope of this role in a Business firm is wide and can actually take you to a top position if performed with dedication and intelligence. So, adopt this position and become an integral link between the business requirements and technologies adopted in a firm.

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