BA Qualification

How Do I Know If I’m Qualified to Be a Business Analyst?

BA QualificationAre you exploring a career in business analysis? Do you find yourself wondering if your skills and experience are relevant to a business analyst role? Would you be interested in learning about how qualified you are to be a business analyst?

What are Transferable Skills?

Transferable skills are skills that you’ve built through experiences in your past roles. In business analysis, transferable skills are BA techniques you’ve used in non-BA jobs or soft skills you’ve developed in perhaps unrelated roles.

Transferable skills are tend to be very few entry-level business analyst positions. And those savored few entry-level positions tend to favor recent college graduates without the salary requirements of an experienced professional.

What Business Analysis Qbusiness-requirements-gathering-and-analysis-39-638ualifications Are Transferable?

When transitioning to business analysis, there are many areas in which to look for your business analyst qualifications. A good first step is to review our list of core business analysis skills that are important for a new business analyst and start mapping your experience to these skill areas.


What you can expect to find during this process:

  • The core business analyst skills, you might find mapped out in the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge® (BABOK®), will help you get past the screening process for a business analyst role.
  • Although managers screen for a specific set of core business analyst skills, they often hire for soft skills, such as relationship-building and the ability to communicate with a diverse set of stakeholders from the business and technical communities.
  • Then there will be skills that set you apart as a candidate and qualify you for specific types of BA positions.

What Do I Do with My List of Business Analyst Qualifications?

Even with a list of transferable business analyst qualifications in hand, a transitioning BA can get understandably frustrated.

  • If you don’t have an IT background, it can seem as if every possible BA job you look at requires some obscure technical skill you have no interest in building.
  • If you do have an IT background, but no business experience, it can see as if every possible BA job you look at requires business domain experience.

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