Domain Knowledge Important Aspect of Business Analysis

Domain Knowledge – Important aspect of Business Analysis

Domain Knowledge Important Aspect of Business AnalysisA domain is nothing but core knowledge of any particular sector, specific industry or nature of a business.  In simple words, we can say, a particular area of work or specific area to be worked upon.

Knowing the Domain thoroughly helps the Business Analyst to connect with requirements accurately along with exploring new areas for the customers. Business Analysts should be effective at learning new business domains and be able to translate that knowledge to eliciting requirements.

A domain can be generalized in 2 categories:

  1. Technical: This is for the technical persons to be worked upon. Multiple domains for IT professionals can be JAVA, J2EE, Dot Net, PHP, Data warehousing, Oracle, Databases, and SQLs etc.
  2. Functional Domains: Domains for Business Analysts to be explored. For Example Banking & Finance, eCommerce, Websites, Hospitality industries, CRM, Health Care, etc.

How to Get the Domain Knowledge?

Domain Knowledge just means ‘Knowing More’. Best available options are:

  • Exploring more and more on Google
  • Talking with various persons working on the similar domains
  • Experiencing the Domain area in person and knowing their operations
  • Discussion with some experienced BA on this.
  • Reading Articles and blogs
  • Visiting different websites for e.g. In a case of E-commerce website development exploring the Amazon working will be of great help.

Basic understanding of few common domains

Website development Website will contain information/content and can be accessed through a network. Web sites can be of one page or multiple pages. Currently, a single page websites are in trend.

  • A website needs a domain name (note this is not the domain which we are talking – do not get confused) DOMAIN NAME means the website link name which will be unique always. Like,,
  • Once DOMAIN NAME is registered, a website needs hosting space, usually called server. There are so many companies which provide hosting service. We need to purchase some space from them like 50 MB, 1 GB space.
  • Designing and finalizing on LOGO, a number of pages and its contents, Brief of the business, Any advertisements to be displayed, Need of SEO, Your competitors, need to contact info, etc. could be other aspects before you start with the website development activity.

E-commerce: Commerce is buying or selling goods or service for some value. ‘E’ stands for electronic OR e-commerce is a marketplace on the internet where people can buy and sell goods for money. Basic terminologies while starting working on Ecommerce are as follows:

  • Seller information.
  • Product Categories and Categories lists.
  • Product Categories and Product Variants (Product Variants are the different variants of same product like for T-shirt it can be a blue color T-shirt or Red Colour)
  • Understanding the customer through the previous purchases and displaying the products of interest accordingly.
  • Search and filter functionalities
  • Shopping Cart
  • Checking out and Payment gateways.
  • User registration and maintain the sessions.
  • Admin accesses etc.

Hospitality: Hospitality refers to the relationship between a guest and a host, wherein the host receives the guest with goodwill, including the reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers.

As a field of work, Hospitality includes hotels, restaurants, resorts and any other institutions that are involved in the hospitality industry like Cruise line industries, Entrainment parks etc.

As a BA you should get the knowledge on:

  1. How the industry is working which includes all the processes right from guest check-in to check-out
  2. Feels of automation in any of the process to provide the guests a real-time magical experience.
  3. Coordination between all the channels and visiting the entire operations in person.

Banking and Finance: That’s a Wide area to be explored and as a BA you will be looking out for specific area and process instead of the entire modules. Main areas include:

  1. Credit Card Dept.
  2. Mortgage
  3. Loan debt.
  4. Creating and managing account
  5. DMAT trading
  6. Lockers, etc.

Thorough understanding of the modules can be done through exploring more on Google, understanding and sitting with the business authorities to know the working model, Identifying manual hiccups and shortcomings, At least the high-level architecture or the coordination among various processes.

CRM: CRM is Customer Relationship Management. There is nothing much explanation required because it is already explaining that ‘Relationship’ matters.   CRM is used mainly to manage company’s / firms interactions with its clients, automate the process and serve clients/customers in a better way, in return Company will look for more profit.

Mainly CRM is used to retain or maintain current customers and get new prospects. It uses data analysis about customers’ history with a company and to improve business relationships with customers, specifically focusing on customer retention and ultimately driving sales growth

  • You can go to Oracle website and register for CRM on Demand you will get a free trial.
  • Also, Microsoft Dynamics is providing free Trial
  • com is providing free trial
  • Sugar CRM is providing free trial.

Try all these CRM’s so that you will get a fair idea.

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