3 Characteristics of Star BAs

In every workplace there are a few people who outperform everyone else.  Their work is of such high quality and quantity that others admire and value them. A “star BA” is someone who is recognized by their peers and superiors for the extraordinary results they deliver in business analysis work.

1. Star BAs Put Themselves in High-Leverage Learning Situations

Some BAs who are talented and motivated never seem to get to a place of high performance. They may try all the traditional motivators–time management tools, positive thinking, organizing tips, all to no avail. After endless wheel spinning, these talented BAs lose confidence and settle into a mediocre career, often doubting their career choices.

Star BAs put effort on developing an increasingly deeper and more well-rounded understanding of the business analysis work, which in turn leads to pattern recognition skills that form the foundation of perspective. They push themselves up the experience curve by practicing new skills of the BA craft, often working harder than most of their colleagues to develop those skills.

2. Star BAs Know Star Performance has Much More to Do with How You Approach Work than How Talented, Smart or Driven You Are

What makes top performers better than other workers, in addition to being purposefully committed to developing relevant expertise,  is their ability to take initiative, seek wise counsel to help them interpret complex facts, focus on solving problems rather than on getting recognition, remain attentive to the perspective and opinion of their team members, and orient their position according to the values and vision dear to their organization and its leaders.

3.  Star BAs Understand Initiative

Average performers often have a too narrow definition of initiative. Doing a job more efficiently seldom qualifies as an initiative; it’s important to understand the “critical path” for your company, and the “white space” that you should be be stepping into to help out your colleagues and the company.

Improving your performance as a business analyst may be as simple as changing how you approach your work. Instead of complaining about a limiting BA role, or the lack of opportunity to use your analytical skills in your current job, ask yourself what you could be doing that is above and beyond your job description, helps people other than yourself, and is in the organization’s critical path.

You should use the personality traits and quirks that make you distinct, and put the star BA strategies to work to bring out the best of who you are.

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