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Gap analysis compares two things, to measure the difference between them. Gap analysis is often used in comparing the states of two different things (the current and future state). Once the gap is identified, one can look for ways of bridging the gap. Gap analysis can be conducted on: a system: features that exist in […]


The fishbone diagram is a graphical representation used by organizations to find the causes of a problem or an effect. This effect can be either a negative or positive one. The diagram Fishbone diagram is also called a cause-and-effect diagram. Its appearance resembles that of a fish skeleton, allowing the listing of factors that may […]


A Data Flow Diagram (DFD), is used to show a specific flow of information. It also includes different methods of evaluation using various formats. This specific type of diagram can also link external information to internal information and effectively show the relationship between issues. The DFD is an efficient method that makes the analyzing process […]


Business Analyst acts as a liaison between the information technology (IT) division of the company and management. He is responsible for analysing the company’s business systems and identifying different options for augmenting the working of business systems. It is the job of an analyst to clearly understand the problems of a company and create viable […]

ECBA Certification Training

6 Dos And Don’ts of IIBA ECBA Certification Exam Day

The IIBA ECBA Exam day is the most important day as far as your ECBA Training is concerned. It is one of the different steps (probably the most important one) towards ECBA Certification. To help you avoid certain mistakes that can jeopardize your chances of success, here are some dos and don’ts to guide you: […]

why get ccba certified

Benefits of Certification of Competence in Business Analysis

Having the ability to identify and assess business needs and look for solutions to problems are some of the required skill set for a business analysts. Having this skill is great but without been certified by the recognized bodies, a business analyst might not make the proper career advancement in the field of business analysis. […]

Waterfall Methodology

What is waterfall methodology? The wаtеrfаll mеthоdоlоgу іѕ a mоdеl uѕеd bу dеѕіgnеrѕ аnd dеvеlореrѕ of software products. It іѕ a ѕеԛuеntіаl frаmеwоrk thаt follows ѕіx рhаѕеѕ rаngіng frоm analyzing what thе сlіеntѕ need out оf the рrоduсt to рrоvіdіng mаіntеnаnсе for еrrоrѕ and bugѕ еnсоuntеrеd durіng thе сlіеntѕ’ lіvе uѕе оf thе product. It […]

How Can I Become a Business Analyst?

If you’re looking into a new career path or starting your first journey into work, you’re likely looking at all your options. You want to know how to get started, the type of roles you’ll need to do and a step-by-step guide to make the career path a success. “How can I become a business […]

How is Agile Different from Waterfall?

Waterfall is a step- by – step software design process, it requires the careful sequential application of the led-down steps in software designing. In using this method, you must have to do a proper analysis and preparation before commencing because you cannot effect any change or modification in any step of the sequence you have […]

ECBA Certification Exam

ECBA certification: A typical case of the ‘Early bird gets the worm’

For many people, the ECBA Program – Entry Certification in Business Analysis – can all feel rather confusing and uncertain. If you are finding it hard to get your head around this rather complex topic, then you might want to appreciate that those who are earliest in their exam prep and management are likely to […]

Benefits of ECBA Certification Exam

Benefits of Hiring ECBA Certified Individuals to an Organization

For any organizations that are looking to help be more accurate today, one of the best hires that you could possibly make is the hire of an ECBA certified professional. These are people who fully get the modern world of business analysis, and they can make a telling difference to how your business operates. Analysis […]

Objective of ECBA Certification Training

Course Outline and Objectives of imparting ECBA Training

When you decide to undertake ECBA training, one of the most important elements of your training stems from knowing what is going to take place. While this is a course that anyone who feels confident enough in their analysis skills can take up, it’s a course for those who are passionate and ambitious about business […]

Importance of ECBA Exam

How ECBA Certification Can Help You?

Looking forward to excelling in the field of business data analysis? ECBA certification enables you to shoot forward at prime pace.  For anyone who is serious about learning more about the much-needed world of business analysis, the ECBA certification is a must. It’s a course that allows beginners, students, graduates and industry veterans to learn […]

Pass ECBA in First Attempt

How to Successfully Complete the ECBA Certification in the 1st attempt?

The ECBA Certification test is a multiple choice exam. It has 50 questions that must be answered within 1.5 hours. All the questions are straight forward and come from the BABOK guide. These questions will test the understanding and knowledge of the candidate. If you want to pass the exam and get the ECBA Certification […]

How to Receive 21 PDU Certificate?

How to Receive 21 PDU Compulsory Required for ECBA Certification Examination

If you are a developer or a project manager who aims to enhance your knowledge in business analysis, taking ECBA or Entry Certificate in Business Analysis certification is a must. It will offer you with rich knowledge, experience, and valuable information about business analysis. The ECBA certification is perfect for those people entering the business […]

What is PDU?

What is PDU? How Are they Calculated?

You need PDUs or Professional Development Units to maintain your PMI or Project Management Institute-certified credentials. PDUs are a part of the Continuing Certification Requirements program of PMI. One PDU is equal to 1 hour of project management training, but there are some exemptions to this rule. PMI and PMP credential holders can get PDUs […]

How to Pass ECBA Certification Exam

What Are the Skill Sets Required to Pass ECBA Certification?

ECBA is just the beginning in your career path as a business analyst. There are some other certifications that come along with IIBA such as CCBA and CBAP. The ECBA or Entry Certificate in Business Analysis is the first level within the business analysis certification program from the IIBA or International Institute of Business Analysis. […]

Who can apply for ECBA Exam

Who Can Apply For ECBA Certification Training?

The ECBA is a part of the business analysis certification program which doesn’t require the applicant to have any experience. However, any interested applicant is required to have twenty one educational units associated with the business analysis profession. This will be for people who are new to this profession and for those who don’t have […]

ECBA Guidelines

What are the Guidelines set by IIBA for ECBA Certification?

The ECBA includes indicating the needed competencies and knowledge of a new practitioner of business analysis based on the requirements chosen by the IIBA. The IIBA Enhanced Certification Program aims to meet the growing demands of global marketplace in business analysis field. This is one of the reasons why they developed their latest BA Certification […]


Analysis plays a very important part in the success of any business. Therefore, the field of the business analyst has highly sought after. A qualified and professional business analyst has many roles in the success of a business. Some of the roles that he must fulfill include system analyst, requirement analyst or project manager. He […]

How to Create BRD?

A business requirement document or BRD is a crucial part of any major project. It’s often written based on the template of the website, particularly in big corporations that can differ from one industry to another, and which may have been in use for several years. However, businesses change quickly so the template you’re utilizing […]

Business Analysis Training

What is a Business Analyst?

Business Analyst is a job profile often related to the IT sector. However, this is not the case. He is an analyst who has a refined understanding of ‘business’ rather than those understanding the IT sector. Every firm has its own ideas of skills, roles, expectations, as well as responsibilities. In layman language, we can […]

PMI-PBA Training

What is PMI-PBA?

The PMI-PBA is a professional certification designated for project managers and business analysts with at least 7500 hours of business analysis experience during the last 10 years. Importance of PMI-PBA The PMI-PBA carries a high level of professional credibility as it takes notice of individual’s capacity in the area of business analysis and project management. […]

Software Development Life Cycle – WaterFall vs Agile Approach

As a Business Analyst, while working on the Software development project, it becomes a mandate to follow a structured process oriented approach. The project goal cannot be achieved by scattered processes, teams NOT in co-ordination, Gaps, and miscommunications around, NO Roadmap or NO defined dependencies across the team(s). Thus, comes in a picture the basic […]

Domain Knowledge Important Aspect of Business Analysis

Domain Knowledge – Important aspect of Business Analysis

A domain is nothing but core knowledge of any particular sector, specific industry or nature of a business.  In simple words, we can say, a particular area of work or specific area to be worked upon. Knowing the Domain thoroughly helps the Business Analyst to connect with requirements accurately along with exploring new areas for the […]

What is Prioritization of Requirement?

What is Prioritization of Requirement?

It is the process deciding which requirement should go first for the development based on several scenarios. In general we calculate the relative importance of any requirement based on its urgency, amount of risk involved, difficulty of implementation, likelihood of its success, stakeholder agreement or policy compliance. Prioritization ensures that the most critical requirements are […]

What is Mind Map?

Mind map is a diagram generally used for organizing information visually. A mind map is hierarchical and depicts relationships among other pieces of the system. It is developed around a single concept, drawn as a picture in a blank page, to which related representations of subjects such as images, and phrases. Key topics are directly […]

How PMI-PBA defines the Business Analysis?

In my last PMI-PBA® class, we had a good discussion on what is Business Analysis and why project managers, product owners, system analyst, quality analyst need business analysis skills? I facilitated the discussion where the conversation turned to go deep in various business analysis activities from project initiation to closure. The discussion ended with an understanding that […]

Business Analyst Behavioural Interview Questions

Some of the common Business Analyst Behavioral or Situational Interview Questions asked during Business Analyst Interviews. Be prepared with answers for the interview questions below when you prepare for an interview.  Here are 25 Business Analyst Behavioral or Situational Interview Questions which are repeatedly asked in interviews.  All the Best for a successful career as a Business […]


In this article, you’ll learn about a few of the differences between the PMI and IIBA® certifications, why the PMI-PBA℠ is good for business analysis, and then I’ll offer up some criteria you might use to choose the right certification as part of your near-term professional development goals. First, let’s take a look at what the PMI-PBA is. […]

5 Transferable Soft Skills That Will Catapult Your BA Career Forward

It is difficult to practice those hard skills prior to getting that first business analysis job, but as many those writers mentioned above have noted, and those of us who have transitioned into business analysis careers know, you often perform business analysis tasks prior to getting that Business Analyst job title.  Even then, it is the […]

3 Characteristics of Star BAs

In every workplace there are a few people who outperform everyone else.  Their work is of such high quality and quantity that others admire and value them. A “star BA” is someone who is recognized by their peers and superiors for the extraordinary results they deliver in business analysis work. 1. Star BAs Put Themselves […]


Business analysts play a critical role in the project management life cycle. Especially when the projects being managed are technical in nature. Success or failure of the project manager and team sometimes relies on the skills this individual brings to the table and the way they can interact both with the technical project team and […]

The Difference Between Data Analysis and Data Modeling

We are seeing more and more data-related analysis skills in business analysis jobs. Some data skills are critical for business analysts while others are better suited to other job functions, such as data analyst, financial analyst, reporting analyst, marketing analyst, and product management. Data Analysis Evaluates the Data Itself Data analysis is a set of tools […]

Top 10 Tools Used by Business Analysts

What Software Tools Business Analysts Use for Data Modeling

Database Tools Can Generate Complicated-Looking Models Most database models we see are physical-level models representing the actual database structure. They are generated output direct from the database software itself. This also happens to be one reason they are so difficult to read from a business perspective. These models do not represent meaningful abstractions designed to help business […]

Business Analysts Skills

What Business Analyst Skills are Important for a New BA?

Are you exploring a business analyst role and wondering if you have the required business analysis skills and experience? Core Skills Typically if business analysis is a good career choice, you’ll be able to tick off these skills Communication Skills Business analysts must be good communicators. The ability to be a strong communicator in a virtual […]

BA Qualification

How Do I Know If I’m Qualified to Be a Business Analyst?

Are you exploring a career in business analysis? Do you find yourself wondering if your skills and experience are relevant to a business analyst role? Would you be interested in learning about how qualified you are to be a business analyst? What are Transferable Skills? Transferable skills are skills that you’ve built through experiences in […]

8 Steps to Being an Effective Business Analyst

8 Steps to Being an Effective Business Analyst Being assigned to a new project is an exciting time as a business analyst, but it can also be nerve-wracking. Depending on the size and complexity of your project, you can go through these steps quickly or slowly. Get Oriented Often as business analysts we are expected […]

6 Ways Business Analysts Minimize Project Work

6 Ways Business Analysts Minimize Project Rework

Minimizing project rework is one of the values that hold close to everyone’s heart as a business analyst. Even with the best of business analysis practices, there will be times when you miss or misunderstand minor requirements or where the business learns something new between requirements and development that leads to changing important requirements. As […]

BA Role in Agile Project

Role of a BA in an Agile project

Out of many roles on an agile team – developer, tester, project manager or product manager, the role of the business analyst is probably the one whose “existence” on the team is most frequently challenged. When a project shined with an analyst, two of the biggest benefits to the development teams have been: Everyone on […]

Problems in Requirement Management

Problems in requirements management

The majority of business analysts don’t have the tools which would help them work more effectively. We’ve identified some problems which we can solve by developing a requirements management tool. You could help us make it more useful to you by providing input and feedback. One of the major goals of business analysts is improving […]

Career Track for Business Analyst


The Business Analyst Career Road Map defines the business analysis opportunities available to you. It designed to identify the many roles within business analysis, and show your options based on your experience today. IT Business Analyst As a Business Analyst in his/her first few years of BA career should work in these 3 major types of organization. IT services Org. Product […]

Difference between CBAP and CCBA

As outlined by IIBA, “the Certification of Competency in Business Analysis™ (CCBA™) designation allows the business analyst practitioner to demonstrate their skills and their ability to take on greater responsibility. The Certified Business Analysis Professional™ (CBAP®) designation is for senior business analysts who have the skill and expertise to perform BA work on projects of […]

BA Certification, Business Analyst Certification, CBAP, CCBA, Certifications for Business Analysts, IIBA, International Institute of Business Analysis

Business Analyst Certification by IIBA

The International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA®) is the professional association dedicated to developing and maintaining standards for the practice of business analysis and for the certification of practitioners. In September 2008, IIBA® released the highest recognition that can be given to a Business Analyst, the Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP®). Just like other widely well recognized […]

BA skill set, Business Analyst Skill set,

Skill sets of a Business Analyst

There are some required skills for Business analyst listed below: A Business Analyst (BA) should have knowledge or experience in preparing business requirements, working with use cases, experience in business process modeling, preparing use-cases and sequence diagrams BA should have skills on Project management Business Analysts should have an understanding of Software Testing Experience and […]

BA, Business Analysis, Business Analyst, difference between BA and SA, difference between Business Analyst and System Analyst, SA, System Analysis, System analyst

Differences between a System Analyst and Business Analyst:

System Analyst: A systems analyst is capable of looking at a program or utility and see the code. They can go in and pinpoint where changes need to be made. They can incorporate the new data into an existing program for benefiting the company. The systems analyst can collect data and transform it into usable […]

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5 steps to become a Business Analyst:

  Step 1: Learn about Business Analysis and Confirm Your Career Choice As it would be with any profession, building knowledge of business analysis is an important part of determining your career path. Becoming knowledgeable about the role of business analysts is only the first step. The biggest mistake we see with many aspiring BA’s […]

Business Analyst, Can Developer or a QA professional can become a business analyst, Can i become a business analyst, how a fresh graduate can become business analyst, how non-IT professional can shift to IT, how to become a business analyst, Roles and responsibilities of a business analyst, System analyst, Business Analysis

Can I become a Business Analyst (BA)?

    Are you planning to get enrolled for the Business/Systems Analyst Training Program? MindsMapped Online Business/Systems Analyst Training is a renowned online Business/Systems Analyst Training course provider. Since inception, we have been striving to ensure that the training prepares you for the industry. Our real world and unmatched practical approach to the training program […]

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Decision Tree

A decision tree graphically represents a series of decision points with branching occurring at each decision point forming a treelike structure.  A decision tree maps out each possible outcome and will often also include the probability of each outcome.

Business Analysis, Business Analyst Documentation, Business Analyst drawings, Enterprise Analysis, Requirements Documentation, UML Diagram

Communication Diagram

A communication diagram is a UML 2.0 diagram which models the objects or parts of a system, the interactions (or messages) between them, and the sequence in which these interactions occur. A communication diagram models this as a free-form arrangement of objects or parts of a system.

Burndown Chart, Business Analysis, Requirements Analysis, Requirements Documentation

Burndown Chart

    A Burndown Chart is a tool used by multiple software engineering methods to track the progress of work completed.  It compares the amount of work remaining (typically measured along the vertical axis) against time (measured along the horizontal axis).  The burndown chart gives a quick view of the amount of work that is […]

Activity Diagram, Business Analysis, Business Analyst, Requirements, Requirements Analysis, Requirements Documentation, UML Diagram

Activity Diagram

An activity diagram is a UML diagram that is used to model a process. It models the actions (or behaviors) performed by the components of a business process or IT system, the order in which the actions take place, and the conditions that coordinate the actions in a specific order. Activity diagrams are mainly used […]

Business Analysis, What is Business Analysis?, Business Analyst

What is Business Analysis ?

Business Analysis is the method of evaluating different aspects of a business with the purpose of identifying ways to improve its operation. There are many different methods that are utilized, depending on both the nature of the business and the era of improvement the analysis is seeking to improve. Each method of Business Analysis will […]

Business Analyst, Entry for BA, Software developer to business analyst, some alternative ways to become a business analyst, business analysis certificate program, duties of a business analyst

Who can become a Business Analyst?

    There are several typical paths to a business analyst to distinguish yourself and increase your chances of success, earning your business analyst certification is an important step. All business analysts typically start out with strong business and IT skills. In addition, an understanding of a particular industry or vertical market can be an advantage. […]

Responsibilities of a BA, Responsibilities of a Business Analyst, Role of a BA,  Roles and Responsibilities of a BA,  Roles of a Business Analyst, Business Analysis,  Business Analyst,  how to become a business analyst

Roles and Responsibilities of a Business Analyst

A Business Analyst (BA) is someone who analyzes an organization(real or hypothetical) and design its processes and systems, assessing the business model and its integration with technology. The role of Business Analyst can also be defined as a bridge between business problems and the technology solutions. Here business problems can be anything about business systems, […]