What is Hadoop?

The word “cloud” has become very active to the latest emerging technologies that were delivered in the business world. And the most common familiar technology that is used for Big Data is Hadoop.

Hadoop is a free open-source Java-based programming application tool that supports the handling of a large data set through the use of simple programs simultaneously across several servers. It is really cheap, infinitely scalable, and highly resilient data storage software.

Hadoop belongs to the Apache project and is delivered by the Apache Software Foundation. It is being utilized by many Internet-based companies such as Google, Facebook, and Yahoo among others.

Major parts of Hadoop

Hadoop comprises of two (2) parts:

  • Hadoop MapReduce: A Java-based system tool that helps to process data and pull out the needed information. Although it is somewhat complex, Hadoop MapReduce is flexible and plays a significant role when contrasted to HDFS.
  • Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS): This is a virus file system. When you move a file on HDFS, the file is divided into bits which are replicated and stored on different servers for fault tolerance limitations.

Why do people go for Hadoop?

It is the desire of everyone to have a growth of their career. Presently, the corporate world is showing more interest towards the cloud-based technologies to get more efficiency. As companies are hiring the people who are agile with the most recent technologies, the total world is tending to go for Hadoop to get a better career with a good package.

Importance of Hadoop

Apart from its initial aim to search website pages and return important results, a lot of organizations now consider Hadoop as their next big data platform. This is due to its:

  • Ability to complement your data warehouse
  • Low-cost, high-availability storage and data archive
  • Sandbox for analysis and discovery
  • Data Lake Etc

When compared to other technologies, the main advantage of Hadoop is its flexibility, efficiency as well as robustness. In addition, learning Hadoop makes you earn more plus a good career growth. Hadoop is not a database, but more of a data warehousing system with no queries involved. With the several advantages it possesses, Hadoop still remains the best.

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