Five Must Read Books on Hadoop




Looking for hadoop books? We have shortlisted best hadoop books.

1.Hadoop: The Definitive Guide

(By: Tom White )

This is the best book for hadoop beginners. This is a best source to adapt you to the world of big data management.

2.Hadoop in Practice

(By: Alex Holmes )

This book discuss about the advanced Hadoop applications and the related technologies. The introductory chapter provides you with an overview as to what this Hadoop technology is all about.

3.Hadoop in Action

(By Chuck Lam)

A very good book to start your journey on Hadoop and MapReduce programming. It’s easy to read with excellent good examples.

4.Professional Hadoop Solutions

(By: Boris Lublinsky, Kevin T. Smith, Alexey Yakubovich )

This book is  more than just a overview or a guide and it  deeper and provides in-depth insight about Hadoop and its related technologies.

5.Big Data – Principles and best practices of scalable real time data systems

(By Nathan Marz and James Warren)

This book is available in an early access edition for now.  This book has  targeted more for the solution architects and application owners working to build in a Big Data solution.

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