Big Data Certifications by Cloudera

Cloudera-CertificationCloudera is a widely recognized company, which majorly concentrates in mega data collections built on the Apache Hadoop platform. The company’s basic function is to create an information-driven organization; this type of organization requires access to all of its data in all formats, no matter about what the data kept online for many years, or even decades.

Cloudera offers many numbers of big data certifications. This Cloudera certification docent will help you get started with Cloudera’s data engineer, data scientist, and Hadoop certifications which boost up and develop your career path.

The Cloudera Company mainly offers four top-notch certifications at two grade levels.

Cloudera Certified Associate (CCA)

• Cloudera Certified Spark and Hadoop Developer Certification (CCDH) – This certification are for developers whose responsibilities including maintaining, coding and optimizing Apache Hadoop projects.

• Cloudera Certified Administrator for Apache Hadoop Certification (CCAH) – This certification is for IT professionals who have skills, ability to configure, deploy, maintain, configure and secure an Apache Hadoop clusters for production.

Cloudera Certified Professional (CCP)

  • Cloudera Certified Professional Data Scientist (CCP Data Scientist) – It holds true weight in the market. The CCP Data Scientist identifies qualified data scientists who have skills to work with big data in designing and implementing the production quality data science solutions to compete with real world situations.
  • Cloudera Certified Professional Data Engineer (CCP Data Engineer) – The CCP Data Engineer exam is different as it is a practical exam consisting group of customers’ problems. The number of problems may vary but candidates needed to solve at least five to eight customer problems each with a unique answer on the exam.

The Cloudera certification programs not only aims to provide organizations and companies with skilled data engineers and scientists, but it also covers needs for development, administration and HBase knowledge to support Apache Hadoop infrastructures around the CDH platform.

Basically, the certification program will test you on objectives like Data management, Infrastructure, and Querying objectives. For its preparation, you can go through various courses available online. You can also go through free online tutorial classes. To clear this test you need to have a very good understanding of the flow of data in Hadoop, i.e. how the files are stored and read and also you should be able to picture on how the MapReduce programs interact with data.

All the given questions will be multiple choice questions. Few questions were tricky, where all answers seem to be correct out of which you are clear and select the best answer. You will, however, be asked questions on the different API calls for Hadoop. Concentrate heavily on understanding the topics HDFS and MapReduce. Spend some time analyzing how the different daemons (NameNode, JobTracker, and TaskTracker) work and interact.

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