Apache Hadoop Certifications

Apache-Hadoop-CertificationWhy go for Hadoop Certification?

Companies are struggling to hire Hadoop talent. Those industries or companies want assurance from the Hadoop candidates they hire for handling their petabytes of data. For this assurance, the certification is a proof of this capability and making you more responsible and a reliable person for their data.

Benefits of Hadoop Certification:

  • During IJPs, Hadoop Certification helps you move up and accelerates your career.
  • Verifies that you are familiar with the latest features of Hadoop.
  • The certification helps to speak more confidently about the Hadoop technology at my company.
  • Gives an edge over different experts in the same field, in terms of the pay package.
  • Helps people who are attempting to move into Hadoop from distinctive specialized foundations.
  • Confirms that you are with mindful of the most recent elements of Hadoop.

There are many sources for getting Apache Hadoop Certification. Some of them are as follows:

Big Data University:

Big Data University offers more over 80 courses on Hadoop, Pig, SQL, HBase, big data analytics, DB2, IBM BLU, and many. Most courses are in English, but some are in Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, and Russian.

Cloudera Essentials for Apache Hadoop:

Cloudera has essentials for Apache Hadoop online video course that contains every chapter, as well as Hadoop tutorials aimed at administrators, developers, data analysts, and data scientists.


Hortonworks also has a lot of good free Hadoop tutorials as well as for-fee courses. For most tutorials, you need to download and install the Hortonworks Sandbox, and the company recommends other tutorials to ensure you’re ready to learn most efficiently.

MapR Technologies:

MapR is the leading provider of the Apache Hadoop distribution. The companies’ on-demand Hadoop courses include video lessons, hands-on exercises, labs and more, and can lead to certification as a Hadoop Developer or Hadoop Data Analyst, and Hadoop Administrator.


Coreservlets.com website provides a series of tutorials on big data applications with Hadoop development. Each tutorial section lets you follow along using PDFs and/or slide shares, but you also get downloadable exercises with solutions.


Coursera has a large library of courses that are having a partnership with several leading universities, such as Stanford, UC San Diego, Duke and much more. The company’s policy states that you can access video lectures and certain assignments for free in all courses.

Hadoop Online Tutorials:

The Hadoop online tutorials provide links for free training as well as free online tutorials. Several of the free resources are featured in this blog post related to Apache Hadoop.

Some of the preparing tips for Hadoop developer certifications:

  • Buy Hadoop books like “The Definitive Guide (HTDG)” and “Hadoop in Action”. Read it and also try out the examples provided in the book.
  • By studying first 6 chapters of these books you will be confident about writing and understanding Hadoop codes. For certification, go through the first 8 chapters of these books.

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