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Differences Between Manual and Automation Testing

Testing is an integral part of any successful project. In software testing, there are two main areas to complete the verification of the project. They are Manual Testing and Automated Testing. There is a large overlap between the potentials of manual and automated testing, but neither one can completely replace the other. Manual Software Testing […]

What is HIVE?

The Apache Hive is a data warehousing package built on top of Hadoop. It provides an SQL dialect, called Hive Query Language (HQL) for querying or summarizing data stored in a Hadoop cluster. Hive doesn’t support for row level inserts, updates, and deletes. It also doesn’t support transactions. Hive allows extensions to provide better performance […]

What is MAVEN?

Introduction: Maven is an automation tool which is used primarily for Java projects. The word Maven means “accumulator of knowledge”. Objectives of Maven: Maven’s primary goal is to allow a developer to comprehend the complete state of a development effort in the shortest period of time. In order to attain this goal there are several […]

What is SOAP?

SOAP – Simple Object Access Protocol

SOAP is an implementation of Simple Object Access Protocol which  is a messaging protocol that allows programs to run certain operating systems (such as Windows and Linux) to communicate using Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) and Extensible Markup Language (XML). Since Web protocols are installed and used daily by all major operating systems like HTTP and […]


Hadoop Developer Responsibilities

A person comfortable in managing a team of developers and explain design concepts to customers called as Hadoop Developer. A Hadoop Developer is responsible for programming and coding of Hadoop applications. He must have knowledge of SQL, Core Java, and other languages. The role of Hadoop Developer is same as the Software Developer. Hadoop developer […]


Big Data Certifications by Hortonworks

Hortonworks is a computer software company and is a sponsor of a well-known Apache Software Foundation. The company focuses on the development of Apache Hadoop, a framework that allows processing of large data sets along the clusters of computers using simple programming model. Hortonworks product named Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) includes Apache Hadoop and is […]


Big Data Certifications by Cloudera

Cloudera is a widely recognized company, which majorly concentrates in mega data collections built on the Apache Hadoop platform. The company’s basic function is to create an information-driven organization; this type of organization requires access to all of its data in all formats, no matter about what the data kept online for many years, or […]


Apache Hadoop Certifications

Why go for Hadoop Certification? Companies are struggling to hire Hadoop talent. Those industries or companies want assurance from the Hadoop candidates they hire for handling their petabytes of data. For this assurance, the certification is a proof of this capability and making you more responsible and a reliable person for their data. Benefits of […]


Big Data Certifications

What is Benefit of Getting Big Data Certified? Big Data Certification provides a foundation for starting a career in Big Data Hadoop architect career path. Pay package is definitely more for Big Data Certified candidates when compared to the other professionals. Job recruiters are looking for candidates with Big Data Hadoop certification which are an […]