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How is Agile Different from Waterfall?

Waterfall is a step- by – step software design process, it requires the careful sequential application of the led-down steps in software designing. In using this method, you must have to do a proper analysis and preparation before commencing because you cannot effect any change or modification in any step of the sequence you have […]

Apache Pig and How to Process Data Using Apache Pig

Pig is a high-level scripting language that is used in processing data by the users of Apache Hadoop. Therefore, even without learning other programming languages like Java, the data workers are still able to achieve data processing. If you are familiar with scripting languages and SQL, the task is more appealing since Pig Latin is […]

Step by Step Guide to download and install QTP (UFT) version 12

The latest version of the QTP or Quick Test Pro is definitely worth downloading, but you need to make sure that you meet the system requirements. The truth is that they are quite low, but just in case we are going to review them. You need 1 GB of space and a Pentium IV processor […]

Four Trends That Will Make or Break Project Management Team

Project management teams can be difficult to manage. While many trends and technologies are introduced to help teams manage projects and get more work done, they can end up ruining relationships and causing missed deadlines. It’s important to get the balance right and use the trends in the right way. Here’s a look at the […]

ECBA Certification Exam

ECBA certification: A typical case of the ‘Early bird gets the worm’

For many people, the ECBA Program – Entry Certification in Business Analysis – can all feel rather confusing and uncertain. If you are finding it hard to get your head around this rather complex topic, then you might want to appreciate that those who are earliest in their exam prep and management are likely to […]

Benefits of ECBA Certification Exam

Benefits of Hiring ECBA Certified Individuals to an Organization

For any organizations that are looking to help be more accurate today, one of the best hires that you could possibly make is the hire of an ECBA certified professional. These are people who fully get the modern world of business analysis, and they can make a telling difference to how your business operates. Analysis […]

Objective of ECBA Certification Training

Course Outline and Objectives of imparting ECBA Training

When you decide to undertake ECBA training, one of the most important elements of your training stems from knowing what is going to take place. While this is a course that anyone who feels confident enough in their analysis skills can take up, it’s a course for those who are passionate and ambitious about business […]

Importance of ECBA Exam

How ECBA Certification Can Help You?

Looking forward to excelling in the field of business data analysis? ECBA certification enables you to shoot forward at prime pace.  For anyone who is serious about learning more about the much-needed world of business analysis, the ECBA certification is a must. It’s a course that allows beginners, students, graduates and industry veterans to learn […]

How to Upload PDUs through PMI® Certification Process

Every three years, you will need to go through the re-certification process with the Project Management Institute. This involves uploading a set number of PDUs to the PMI® website. If you want to keep your project management certification up to date, you will need to follow these steps. What Exactly Are PDUs? Before you even […]

Pass ECBA in First Attempt

How to Successfully Complete the ECBA Certification in the 1st attempt?

The ECBA Certification test is a multiple choice exam. It has 50 questions that must be answered within 1.5 hours. All the questions are straight forward and come from the BABOK guide. These questions will test the understanding and knowledge of the candidate. If you want to pass the exam and get the ECBA Certification […]

How to Receive 21 PDU Certificate?

How to Receive 21 PDU Compulsory Required for ECBA Certification Examination

If you are a developer or a project manager who aims to enhance your knowledge in business analysis, taking ECBA or Entry Certificate in Business Analysis certification is a must. It will offer you with rich knowledge, experience, and valuable information about business analysis. The ECBA certification is perfect for those people entering the business […]

What is PDU?

What is PDU? How Are they Calculated?

You need PDUs or Professional Development Units to maintain your PMI or Project Management Institute-certified credentials. PDUs are a part of the Continuing Certification Requirements program of PMI. One PDU is equal to 1 hour of project management training, but there are some exemptions to this rule. PMI and PMP credential holders can get PDUs […]

How to Pass ECBA Certification Exam

What Are the Skill Sets Required to Pass ECBA Certification?

ECBA is just the beginning in your career path as a business analyst. There are some other certifications that come along with IIBA such as CCBA and CBAP. The ECBA or Entry Certificate in Business Analysis is the first level within the business analysis certification program from the IIBA or International Institute of Business Analysis. […]

Who can apply for ECBA Exam

Who Can Apply For ECBA Certification Training?

The ECBA is a part of the business analysis certification program which doesn’t require the applicant to have any experience. However, any interested applicant is required to have twenty one educational units associated with the business analysis profession. This will be for people who are new to this profession and for those who don’t have […]

ECBA Guidelines

What are the Guidelines set by IIBA for ECBA Certification?

The ECBA includes indicating the needed competencies and knowledge of a new practitioner of business analysis based on the requirements chosen by the IIBA. The IIBA Enhanced Certification Program aims to meet the growing demands of global marketplace in business analysis field. This is one of the reasons why they developed their latest BA Certification […]

Top 5 PLC Programming Software

Most electrochemical processes are now automated with the use of digital computers or commonly known as Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). An example of this process includes automatic control for machinery that are installed on the light fixtures, amusement rides, factory assembly line and many more. PLC was designed for bearing different outputs and input activities, […]

Introduction for Field Signal

A successful ablation and planning in the EP electrophysiology laboratory is importantly dependent in acquiring intracardiac, multiple or low amplitude signals at the numerous presence of sources of the electronic interference & noise and displaying the signal in uncomplicated & clinically important fashions with minimal artifacts. It represents important engineering challenges, and in real life […]

Difference between Continuous and Batch Process

For a long time, the food industry has relied on a large-scale continuous process. At the outset, the production facilities for new products used to be a batch process produced on a larger scale because of reduced investment costs. As the economy of scale has become a main factor, food process industries and process engineering, […]

How Actuators Work?

All valves need effective means in which they could be operated such as actuated and cycled. There are different options in-order-to achieve that, including; gears, handwheels, levers, and actuators. The actuators are the means in which the valves could be mechanized so that, there would be no human interactions with valve packages are important to […]

Basics of ESD Process Control

The basic principle of the ESD process control is grounding conductors, and that includes people at the ESD protected workstation. Wrist strap is the very first line about the defense contrary to ESD. Also, the most typical personnel ground device that has been utilized, and is needed to be utilized if the operators are sitting. […]

Fault Detection and Diagnosis for PLC

For every PLC controlled plant, the larger percentage of its faults are commonly in the actuators and sensors as well as its wiring and not in its PLC. The faults inside PLC are most likely in the output input power supply or channels rather than the CPU itself. Case 1 Consider any output device that […]

Importance of PMP

Why is PMP® important for a bright Project Management career?

In the world of project management, the risks and rewards of success can be huge. The responsibilities in the role are immense, and it can put a lot of extra strain and pressure on your shoulders. One of the most important ways to get yourself ready for the demands and challenges of project management is […]

How to Clear PMP Exam

How to clear PMP® in first attempt?

Are you about to take your PMP® examination? Well done, you are taking a very intelligent and worthwhile step towards running your own successful project in time. The PMP® is always well-received and people are happy to make time for those who have shown the commitment and effort to learning something so important. However, like […]

PMP Exam Preparation

Why do many first timers find it difficult to pass the PMP® certification exam?

In the PMP® examination, one of the most common problems that you can see is first timers failing. That can be quite off-putting and is likely to leave you feeling unsure and uncertain about your chances of succeeding in project management. That should not have to be the case, though: you don’t need to be […]

PMP Certification Advantage

Advantages of PMP® Professional Certification

When it comes to taking professional certification in the project management world, one of the most powerful and effective is mastering a PMP® Professional Certification. It’s a very challenge concept and one that can make your life a little more challenging than you may have once expected it to be. However, that being said, getting the […]

Where Can I Download Selenium WebDriver?

Selenium is one of the browser automation libraries that is used in testing some of the web applications. It is generally used in any task that requires the application of automating interaction that happens between the browsers.  The new feature of the Selenium version 2.0 is the application of the Web Driver API. The changes […]

PMP Certification

Who can apply for PMP® Certification?

Taking on any kind of PMP® certification is something that, for many people within the project management industry, is going to be essential to your professional progress. Not only is this an immensely powerful solution for making sure that you can change and improve your professional position, but it’s going to be one of the […]

What is Meant By Hybrid Framework?

In today’s digital generation, technology continues to evolve which is really helpful to make things easier and simpler. In relation to it, among the most common technology innovations today is designing and implementation of test automation frameworks. Furthermore, one of the most commonly used in this industry is the hybrid framework. What is exactly the […]

A Definitive Guide on How to Use YARN In Hadoop

Hadoop, one of the most well-known and widely used open source distributed framework used for large scale data processing. It is based on five main building blocks which are MapReduce Framework, YARN infrastructure, Storage, HDFS Federation and Cluster. This is a definitive guide on how to use YARN in Hadoop. YARN stands for yet another […]

What is HMI?

What is HMI in Control Systems? Before we look at the answer to this question, let us first give a look at  the whole concept of men and machines. The last few decades have seen high speed technological advancements and automation. In industrial automation, HMI or Human-Machine Interface is amongst the hottest topics today. For […]


Analysis plays a very important part in the success of any business. Therefore, the field of the business analyst has highly sought after. A qualified and professional business analyst has many roles in the success of a business. Some of the roles that he must fulfill include system analyst, requirement analyst or project manager. He […]

What is HBase?

HBase is a No SQL database also known as the Hadoop Database, is an open-source database management system. It is a distributed, non-relational (columnar) database that uses Hadoop distributed file system (HDFS) as its persistence store for big data projects. It is a top-level Apache project that started out as a project by Powerset out […]

What is Java Serialization?

Java Serialization is the process of converting an object into another stream of bytes. Through this, the object can now be written into a file. This is being transported into a network or into a database. The process of de-serialization is the vice versa of serialization. In other words, Java serialization is building or converting […]

What is JDBC?

If you have been learning Java, the question, “What is JDBC?” might have come to mind at some point. To put it shortly, JDBC is Java Database Connectivity; though that does not tell you much about what it is or does. Simply, it is an application for communicating with databases. As the name suggests, it […]

How to Create BRD?

A business requirement document or BRD is a crucial part of any major project. It’s often written based on the template of the website, particularly in big corporations that can differ from one industry to another, and which may have been in use for several years. However, businesses change quickly so the template you’re utilizing […]

What is Difference between Quality Assurance and Quality Management?

It is very important that an organization agrees on the meanings of Quality Assurance and Quality Management. These two terms form a very integral part of the quality strategic management plan of the organization. The efficiency of delivery teams depend on the differences being well comprehended by all stakeholders and bodies involved since the effective […]

Differences between Java and JavaScript

Java and JavaScript are computer programming languages. Often times, these two are being mistaken by some computer literates to be same. However, this notion is false. Although Java and JavaScript share striking similarities, they are not same. JavaScript JavaScript is programming language that is object-oriented, mainly used in creating interactive effects within web browsers. It […]

What is a Business Analyst?

Business Analyst is a job profile often related to the IT sector. However, this is not the case. He is an analyst who has a refined understanding of ‘business’ rather than those understanding the IT sector. Every firm has its own ideas of skills, roles, expectations, as well as responsibilities. In layman language, we can […]

What is PMI-PBA?

The PMI-PBA is a professional certification designated for project managers and business analysts with at least 7500 hours of business analysis experience during the last 10 years. Importance of PMI-PBA The PMI-PBA carries a high level of professional credibility as it takes notice of individual’s capacity in the area of business analysis and project management. […]

What is Hadoop?

The word “cloud” has become very active to the latest emerging technologies that were delivered in the business world. And the most common familiar technology that is used for Big Data is Hadoop. Hadoop is a free open-source Java-based programming application tool that supports the handling of a large data set through the use of […]

What is MongoDB?

In today’s digital generation, among the most sought after software database systems was the MongoDB. It is very useful for the growth of your business and other file storage needs. Well, what is MongoDB? You can find the answer to this question after you have read this article up to the end. If you are […]

What is PLC?

A Programmable Logic Controller, a PLC, is everywhere in life. In most industries, these are essential in making sure that devices and machinery work properly. They take an input, run code, give an output, and keep everything in line. Motors to horns, printers to fans, there is PLC programming at work. In the modern day, […]

How to Prepare for a Hortonworks Hadoop Certification Exam?

By performing tasks on an actual Hadoop cluster instead of just guessing at multiple-choice questions (MCQs), Hortonworks Certified Professionals have proven competency and Big Data expertise. The HDP Certified Developer exam is available from any system, anywhere, at any time. This exam costs around USD 200 per attempt. Hortonworks Data Platform 2.4 is chosen as […]

Apache Spark: The Hot Kid on the Block

Spark was developed by University of California in Berkley around 2009, and it becomes an open source in 2010, As most of the Hadoop services are open source, which is cost effective, and constantly keeps on growing with features according to user’s requirement. Spark speeds up to 100 times faster than Hadoop MapReduce in memory […]

Hadoop Ecosystem

Talking about the major ecosystem of Hadoop the first name which comes to mind is MapReduce as this is the base on which complete Hadoop framework relies. Also the processing on data can be done using MapReduce algorithm which contributes a big name for processing of data in Hadoop. For writing this MapReduce algorithm, two […]

Software Development Life Cycle – WaterFall vs Agile Approach

As a Business Analyst, while working on the Software development project, it becomes a mandate to follow a structured process oriented approach. The project goal cannot be achieved by scattered processes, teams NOT in co-ordination, Gaps, and miscommunications around, NO Roadmap or NO defined dependencies across the team(s). Thus, comes in a picture the basic […]

Domain Knowledge Important Aspect of Business Analysis

Domain Knowledge – Important aspect of Business Analysis

A domain is nothing but core knowledge of any particular sector, specific industry or nature of a business.  In simple words, we can say, a particular area of work or specific area to be worked upon. Knowing the Domain thoroughly helps the Business Analyst to connect with requirements accurately along with exploring new areas for the […]

Mobile Testing Best Practice

In this article, we will discuss some best practices to be applied when developing and performing Quality Assurance of Mobile Applications. While many of the same practices of Software Quality Assurance apply to performing Quality Assurance on mobile applications, the reality is that mobile applications are quite different in some critical ways, which requires some […]

ALM and Automation Tool integration using VAPI-XP Test Script

ALM – ‘Application Lifecycle Management’ is test management tool which is widely used for its end-to-end benefits to manage a project, starting from capturing the requirements till project delivery. It’s not limited only to project team; stakeholders can also pull the report out of ALM with ease whether it is Test Coverage report or Test […]

Reviews and Root Cause Analysis

Software Testing is an important phase of SDLC and for the testing team it’s all about testing application/product and find out more defects as early as possible and do not leave anything to Business (UAT) or into the production. The question arises – is ‘finding defects’ to deliver the quality product is a job of […]

QTP/UFT vs Selenium

HP QTP (QuickTest Pro), also known as HPE UFT (Unified Functional Testing), is a Functional automation tool for automating web, mobile & wide range of Technologies, whereas Selenium is Open source suite of tools to automate web applications across different operating system. Latest versions are UFT 14.0 and Selenium 3.0. Some key difference between QTP/UFT […]

How to Install Unified Functional Testing (UFT) on Windows OS?

HP Unified Functional Testing tool comes with a default 60 days of trial/demo version. There are two types of license: Seat license – The license that is particular to the computer on which the tool is installed. Concurrent License – Network based license which can be used by several users at a time. Once the […]

What is Prioritization of Requirement?

What is Prioritization of Requirement?

It is the process deciding which requirement should go first for the development based on several scenarios. In general we calculate the relative importance of any requirement based on its urgency, amount of risk involved, difficulty of implementation, likelihood of its success, stakeholder agreement or policy compliance. Prioritization ensures that the most critical requirements are […]

Industries for Automation

We live in a world where traveling is the trend. Have you ever wondered how the traffic is controlled so efficiently that makes traveling fun? Who controls the traffic?  Count the various household chores to be done. If all these chores have to be done by us, what time-consuming and manual work it would be? […]


Nowadays IT companies are getting rooted all over the world, these companies need skilled programmers to program, develop and administer critical systems. Earning an Oracle certification gains you with these in-demand skills, making you a more outstanding candidate. The OCJP certification has got its name when the Oracle cooperation took over Sun Microsystems. Oracle certified […]


If you are currently doing wonders with Java language technology and are capable to create/develop web pages using Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML), then web development should be the next target. Being able to design, understand the server, program and to launch the web applications on the server is an unparalleled accomplishment for any web […]

What are the Information Required for starting a Control System Project?

The major projects are based on the competitive analysis, execution planning and definition performed during the FEED stage. The FEED is the most critical stage where it will influence the design at a almost low cost. The approach is that open scope and planning output can be finalized after project approval. However, without the appropriate […]

What is Piping and Instrumentation Diagram (P&ID)?

A P&ID (piping and instrumentation diagram), depicts the piping and other components of a process flow. P&ID commonly used in the automation and control system engineering field. It is used for modification and maintenance of the process flow that can be presented graphically. During the designing stage of the process, the P&ID diagram also gives […]

Process Control of Storage Tank after Downstream Section of Petroleum Industry

After completion of the refining of petroleum crude oil and of raw natural gas last part of the downstream process is storage of petroleum products, for that ambient pressure, temperature and level should be maintained. As like the midstream processes, this can also be made easy and accurate by applying industrial automation technologies. For an […]

How Automation Helps Oil and Gas Industry?

SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) simplify complex processes in oil and gas industries. Geographically dispersed industries like oil and gas pipelines, water distribution and wastewater collection systems, electrical power grids, and railway transportation systems can rely on SCADA to a greater level. The oil and chemical industries need to face a lot of hazards […]

What is Mind Map?

Mind map is a diagram generally used for organizing information visually. A mind map is hierarchical and depicts relationships among other pieces of the system. It is developed around a single concept, drawn as a picture in a blank page, to which related representations of subjects such as images, and phrases. Key topics are directly […]

Who is DevOps Engineer?

Who is DevOps Engineer? In the past few years need for professionals with DevOps skills is increasing rapidly because businesses establishments get outstanding results from DevOps. Companies who keep DevOps are overwhelmingly high-functioning: They implement code up to 30 times faster than their competitors, and 50 % fewer of their deployment projects fail, (according to […]

What is DevOps Testing?

Speed and Quality both are equally significant in today’s world for businesses to remain successful. To assure speed and quality, leading organizations leverage the growing synergy between operations teams and development teams through an integrated DevOps model. The acceptance of a DevOps culture and the utilities and practices that consist of DevOps is being driven […]

What are the Best DevOps Tools?

Here is a list of tools that help DevOps engineer to perform various tasks. These tools assist in performing numerous tasks including developing, testing, and releasing software. 1. Nagios (& Icinga) Nagios is a veteran monitoring solution which is highly efficient and effective because of the large community of contributors who develop plugins for the application. […]

Introduction to DevOps

DevOps is a culture or practice that give emphasis to the collaboration and communication between software developers and other professionals from information-technology (IT) while automating the process of application delivery and changes in infrastructure. It targets at starting a culture and environment where developing, testing, and releasing software can happen fast, repeatedly, and more reliably. Since […]

ISA Certified Control Systems Technician® (CCST)

ISA’s Certified Control Systems Technician® (CCST®) Program provides a non-biased, third-party, objective assessment and confirmation of a technician’s skills. CCSTs are skilled in pneumatic, mechanical, and electronic instrumentation. They understand process control loops and process control systems, including computer-based systems. ISA’s three levels of CCST certification require differing degrees of technical experience, education, and training-with […]

What are the skills required to become control system engineer?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the following qualities are required for automation engineers: A firm understanding of software development and computer programming Equipment troubleshooting skills The ability to perform complex system tests Creative thinking and detail oriented Excellent manual dexterity Strong communication skills to support interactions with other members of the […]

How to Pass NCEES PE Certification Exam?

The Principles and Practice of Engineering (PE) exam will test your ability to practice in a particular engineering discipline competently. It is designed for engineers who have gained at minimum four years’ post-college work experience in their chosen engineering discipline. Each PE exam lasts 8 hours and is split into a morning and an afternoon […]

Roles and Responsibilities of SCADA, DCS and PLC Programmer (Control System Engineer)

Control System engineers develop skills in specific control disciplines such as: advanced process control (APC); distributed control systems (DCS); programmable logic controllers (PLC); supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA). The use of these disciplines will depend on the exact nature of individual job roles. In general, however, tasks and responsibilities can include: designing and developing […]

MCTS Certifications

MCTS certifications validate deep skills and expertise in a Microsoft technology. Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) certifications distinguish IT professionals who are proficient in a specific Microsoft technology, such as Exchange Server, Windows or Visual Studio. Typical competencies possessed by Technology Specialists include configuring, implementing, troubleshooting and debugging a technology.   IT professionals can leverage […]

How to Become MCSD Certified Professional?

The Microsoft Certified Application Developer has been retired and replaced by the Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD) certification. Research the training requirements and learn about the experience you need to earn this credential. The Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD) program is designed for software developers looking to prove their ability to construct solutions using both […]

Skills That Could Boost .NET Developer Salary

Microsoft’s .NET development ecosystem spans a wide array of capabilities and tools. With a large feature set and frequent updates in the ecosystem, it is difficult for .NET developers to know which .NET development skills and training to pursue in order to increase their marketability — and earning potential. Here are five skills that could […]

How to Become a Good .Net Developer?

Every company nowadays require .net developers. The main task of a .net developer is to maintain and develop the new web for the company, so as to break the monotony of working on the same web for long. They are the ones who make best use of the web applications and create the web portals […]

What is Oozie Workflow?

Apache Oozie is an open source project which is based on Java Web application technology that simplifies the process of creating workflows and manages coordination among jobs. In principle, Oozie has the ability to combine multiple jobs sequentially into a single logical unit of work. One of the advantages of the Oozie framework is that […]

What is .Net Framework?

The name “.NET Framework” itself is a bit of a misnomer. A framework (in programming terms) is really a collection of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and a shared library of code that developers can call when developing applications, so that they don’t have to write the code from scratch. In the .NET Framework, that library of shared […]

Advantages and Disadvantages of Microsoft .NET

Coding languages before .NET would compile the source code and send it directly to the machine code so that the processor could execute. As a result, the processor alone could interpret the code, while the programmer had to manage resources like the allocated memory. .NET freed up the programmer’s time by taking memory management off […]

Top 10 Books Every NET Developer Should Own

Everyone at one time or another reached for that specific book to find out how that one design pattern works or just needed it as a refresher on how to do that one routine better. When you grow in your career, you start to notice that tutorial books don’t line your bookshelf anymore. Nor do you […]

Roles and Responsibilities of .NET Developer

ASP.NET is a framework for web applications that is developed for the purpose of building dynamic web pages and applications. The framework is developed and marketed by software giant Microsoft. It is a popular web tool amongst developers and those who work solely on it are known as ASP dot NET developers. There are a […]

What is .NET?

.NET is both a business strategy from Microsoft and its collection of programming support for what are known as Web services, the ability to use the Web rather than your own computer for various services. Microsoft’s goal is to provide individual and business users with a seamlessly interoperable and Web-enabled interface for applications and computing devices […]

What Are the Requirements for ISTQB Certification?

ISTQB is an abbreviated form of International Software Testing Qualifications Board. It was created for software testers to proof their expertise and skill level. ISTQB allows professionals to different levels of software testing such as ISTQB Foundation Level, ISTQB Advanced Level, ISTQB Expert Level, Module-Based Tester and Security Tester.  Besides these levels of software testing, […]

How to Become Oracle Certified Java Professional (OCJP)?

By far Java programming language has been one of the most preferred programming language for different platforms. If you are looking for a job in Java programming language then you can boost your employability by getting certified from Oracle in Java. Oracle conducts three levels of OCJP certification exams. In order to get detailed information […]

Oracle Certification Program (OCP)

Oracle has been providing online certification on different technologies and applications over the past several years. By getting certified from Oracle you can showcase your knowledge and capability to hiring managers and higher management professionals. Credentials are given to examinee based on several parameters including passing exams, marks based on assignments, which is dependent on […]

How PMI-PBA defines the Business Analysis?

In my last PMI-PBA® class, we had a good discussion on what is Business Analysis and why project managers, product owners, system analyst, quality analyst need business analysis skills? I facilitated the discussion where the conversation turned to go deep in various business analysis activities from project initiation to closure. The discussion ended with an understanding that […]

Five Challenges of Big Data

Using data to make business value is now a reality in many IT and NON-IT industries. With the introduction of the “Internet of things,” enhanced analytics and developed connectivity through new technology and application bring significant prospects for industries. For an example, at Siemens, Big Data is changing the way maintenance services are provided, from […]

Agile Interview Questionnaire

Agile software development is a group of software development methods in which requirements and solutions evolve through collaboration between self-organizing, cross-functional teams. It promotes adaptive planning, evolutionary development, early delivery, continuous improvement and encourages rapid and flexible response to change Agile Testing Interview Questions are designed to test your knowledge of agile principles and testing […]

Static Storage vs Heap vs Stack

The following is the summary of compiler storage allocation. 1. Static vs Dynamic Static: Storage can be made by compiler looking only at the text of the program. One reason for statically allocating as many data objects as possible is that the addresses of these objects can be compiled into target code. Dynamic: Storage can […]


What’s Next for Apache Hadoop Data Management and Governance

Hadoop – the data processing engine based on MapReduce – is being superceded by new processing engines: Apache Tez, Apache Storm, Apache Spark and others. YARN makes any data processing future possible. But Hadoop the platform – thanks to YARN as its architectural center – is the future for data management, with a selection of […]

The Importance of Apache Drill to the Big Data Ecosystem

You might be wondering what bearing a history lesson may have on a technology project such as Apache Drill. In order to truly appreciate Apache Drill, it is important to understand the history of the projects in this space, as well as the design principles and the goals of its implementation. The lessons that have been […]


How SQOOP-1272 Can Help You Move Big Data from Mainframe to Apache Hadoop

Apache Sqoop provides a framework to move data between HDFS and relational databases in a parallel fashion using Hadoop’s MR framework. As Hadoop becomes more popular in enterprises, there is a growing need to move data from non-relational sources like mainframe datasets to Hadoop. Following are possible reasons for this: HDFS is used simply as an […]


Kudu: New Apache Hadoop Storage for Fast Analytics on Fast Data

The set of data storage and processing technologies that define the Apache Hadoop ecosystem are expansive and ever-improving, covering a very diverse set of customer use cases used in mission-critical enterprise applications. At Cloudera, we’re constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with Hadoop—making it faster, easier to work with, and more secure. Cloudera, the […]

Introduction to HDFS Erasure Coding in Apache Hadoop

Hadoop is a popular open-source implementation of MapReduce framework designed to analyze large data sets. It has two parts; Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) and MapReduce. HDFS is the file system used by Hadoop to store its data. It has become popular due to its reliability, scalability, and low-cost storage capability. HDFS by default replicates […]

Drill into Your Big Data Today with Apache Drill

Big data techniques are becoming mainstream in an increasing number of businesses, but how do people get self-service, interactive access to their big data? And how do they do this without having to train their SQL-literate employees to be advanced developers? One solution is to take advantage of the rapidly maturing open source, open community […]


How-to: Deploy Apache Hadoop Clusters Like a Boss

The HDFS docs have some information, and logically it makes sense to separate the network of the Hadoop nodes from a “management” network. However, in our experience, multi-homed networks can be tricky to configure and support. The pain stems from Hadoop integrating with a large ecosystem of components that all have their own network and […]

Template Method Design Pattern in Java

Template Method is a behavioral design pattern and it’s used to create a method stub and deferring some of the steps of implementation to the subclasses. Template method defines the steps to execute an algorithm and it can provide default implementation that might be common for all or some of the subclasses. Template means Preset format like HTML templates which […]

Struts2 Spring 3 Integration Example

Struts2 Spring 3 Integration Example Now first question comes here ,why you want to integrate spring with struts 2? Spring provides some features which are not available in struts 2.Most powerful among them is dependency injection.To learn more about dependency injection,you can refer dependency injection in spring link. Create project named “Struts2Spring3IntegrationExample”. First of all, you need […]

Listeners: Can Java Hear You?

What Sort of Listener Are You? If we tried to implement a full graphical interface in a program by using MouseListener, we’d have a lot of work to do. We’d have to draw all the buttons using drawing instructions in our program, then wait for mouse clicks. Once we got a click on something we’d […]

Java’s Inner Classes: The Keys to the Kingdom

An inner class is a Java class that’s defined inside another class. In both the examples above, I have a class called VGKernel, which is the class that implements the video game kernel. Inside that class, I define other classes. This has a special effect on the relationship between those classes and VGKernel. Normally, our […]

Java Video Game Programming: Game Logic

CodeSpells, an immersive, first-person player video game designed to teach students in elementary to high school how to program in the popular Java language, has been developed by University of California, San Diegocomputer scientists. In simple video games, there is usually some object in the game that does most of the “thinking” with respect to the game’s rules. […]

Jackson example – Read and write JSON

Java JSON Processing API is not very user friendly and doesn’t provide features for automatic transformation from Json to Java object and vice versa. Luckily we have some alternative APIs that we can use for JSON processing. In last article we learned about Google Gson API and saw how easy to use it. Jackson project has implemented a very […]

Introduction to hibernate framework

Hibernate is an open source object/relational mapping tool for Java. Hibernate lets you develop persistent classes following common Java idiom – including association, inheritance, polymorphism, composition and the Java collections framework. Hibernate not only takes care of the mapping from Java classes to database tables (and from Java data types to SQL data types), but […]

How to remove duplicates from ArrayList in java

You can remove duplicates or repeated elements from ArrayList in Java by converting ArrayList into HashSet in Java. but before doing that just keep in mind that Set doesn’t preserver insertion order which is guaranteed by List, in fact that’s the main difference between List and Set in Java. So when you convert ArrayList to HashSet all duplicates elements will be removed but insertion order will […]

How to configure Apache Tomcat 7 in eclipse

Building Apache Tomcat from source is very easy, and is the first step to contributing to Tomcat. The complete and comprehensive instructions are provided in the file BUILDING.txt. The following is a quick step by step guide. 1.Install Java. Building Apache Tomcat requires a Java 6 JDK to be installed and optionally a Java 7 JDK […]

Configuring Hibernate in Eclipse

Hibernate is an object/relational mapping tool for Java environments. What does it mean the term object/relational mapping? simply a technique of mapping a data representation from an object model to a relational data model with a SQL-based schema. Hibernate Installation/Setup on Eclipse IDE You should download the latest production release of Hibernate from the Hibernate website at or and […]

Introduction to the C# Language and the .NET Framework

INTRODUCTION TO C#  C# is a multi-paradigm programming language which is based on objectoriented and component-oriented programming disciplines. It provides a framework for free intermixing constructs from different paradigms. 0 It uses the “best tool for the job” since no one paradigm solves all problems in the most efficient way. DESIGN GOALS C# was intended […]

Top 10 Mistakes Java Developers Make

Top 10 Mistakes Java Developers Make 1. Convert Array to ArrayList To convert an array to an ArrayList, developers often do this: List<String> list = Arrays.asList(arr); Arrays.asList() will return an ArrayList which is a private static class inside Arrays, it is not the java.util.ArrayList class. The java.util.Arrays.ArrayList class has set(), get(), contains() methods, but does […]

Portability of Java Programming Skills

You can program in Java. That’s great! But what else can you do with those skills? Are you trapped with Java? Not at all. Here are some other languages, and a brief look at what your Java programming skills will give you in the way of a head start, and what differences to look out […]

Business Analyst Behavioural Interview Questions

Some of the common Business Analyst Behavioral or Situational Interview Questions asked during Business Analyst Interviews. Be prepared with answers for the interview questions below when you prepare for an interview.  Here are 25 Business Analyst Behavioral or Situational Interview Questions which are repeatedly asked in interviews.  All the Best for a successful career as a Business […]

The Future of Industrial Automation

The automation of control processes has been around for a long time and has evolved from the early days of manual controls through switches and relays to today’s sophisticated control systems. The evolution of these systems has focused on gaining efficiencies in the operation, but what is the next frontier for industrial process automation? Control […]

Future of Industrial Software

The industrial software is applicable right from when a plant is built, through to commissioning and operation. Models that are used in the design of a plant can also be used when running it to optimize the process and allow owners and operators to take advantage of new business opportunities as they present themselves. The multitude […]

What is Process Flow?

Process Flow A method of  stages involved in performing a certain business procedure. A type of process flow popular among business managers might take the form of flow charts that show inputs or information requests, followed by each of the steps required to create deliverable outputs such as products or services from the inputs.    the following symbol set as the Standard for Process Charts.   Symbol Letter Description Ο O Operation Ỻ I Inspection → M Move D D […]

Career option for Control Engineers

Career option for Control Engineers A control engineer is responsible for designing, developing, installing, managing and/or maintaining equipment which is used to monitor and control engineering systems, machinery and processes. Control engineers make sure that these systems and processes operate effectively, efficiently and safely. They work for the companies who manufacture and supply the equipment […]

What is Programmable Logic Controller?

A PROGRAMMABLE LOGIC CONTROLLER (PLC) is an industrial computer control system that monitors input makes decisions based on its  program to control outputs to automate a process or machine.   The automation of many different processes, such as controlling machines or factory assembly lines, is done through the use of small computers called a programmable logic controllers (PLCs). Ladder Logic […]

What is DCS?

A Distributed Control System (DCS) is an automated control system that monitors and provides instructions to different parts of a machine. Commonly used in manufacturing equipment, a DCS utilizes input and output protocols to control distributed equipment. DCS systems are commonly used in process industries controlling breweries, refineries, chemical plants, paper mills, etc.  The elements […]

What is Industrial Automation?

Today, one of the fastest growing businesses is industrial automation. The operation of modern process industry would be very difficult without automation. There are lot of automation engineering, procurement, erection & commissioning service providing companies globally.   These companies are hiring for DCS/PLC/Control system engineers. This demand needs to be fulfilled by professionals with skill […]